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Components Sourcing

Although primarily being a PCB fabrication and assembly service provider, MKT Electronics has developed a very keen focus and tight control over Components sourcing and Supply Chain business. This actually complements the overall work and helps us streamline our processes for more efficiency. Products are dependent on three major things: a) PCB, b) Components, and c) Assembly service. Without Components, the remaining services would mean nothing.

So, by taking on the Components sourcing work, we not only relieve our customers from the extra hassle of managing the Supply chain of components, deal with multiple parties, but also ensure that substandard parts from Gray market do not find their way on your PCBAs.

Today, many companies have taken on Component sourcing work as a side business. The only and major difference between them and MKT Electronics is that for us, it is not just a Side business. It forms a substantial part of our business and takes up quite some resources. But the efforts are well worth it and result in Customer satisfaction and peace of mind by assuring not only a one-window supply chain solution, but also reliability.

So while most other companies similar to us will provide the following:

  • Sourcing from authorized representatives or Sales centers of OEM component manufacturers,
  • Sourcing from reliable and authentic Distributors / VARs

We go one step beyond, and pride ourselves in providing following as well :

  • Ensuring only Fresh and reliable parts are procured (we buy parts with a strict check on Date-code, ensure no stock is over 6 months old, and are maintained in tight environmental conditions),
  • We maintain very close ties and relations with most authorized representatives of OEM parts manufacturers as well as OEMs of PRC region. This gives us better access to their facilities and not only parts, hence we have the edge to select parts on the criteria above.
  • This also gives us the advantage to have a credit line with these Distributors / VARs and hence provide more flexibility to our customers.

Apart from OEM Part manufacturers and their Distributors, we also maintain close relationships with certain VARs and Service houses, that give us services like the following :

  • Part programming service (eg. MCU, FLASH memory, PLDs, FPGA, etc.),
  • Part re-reeling service,
  • Parts testing JIG manufacturers,

Many projects require a pre-programmed MCU or FLASH memory to be placed on their PCBA. This, although sounds simple, actually involves a lengthy process, that is also manually Labor-intensive in certain cases.

For example, you want 100 PCBAs made, programmed with your Code / Firmware in the MCU and tested for your specified functionality. Here is the overall process in a nutshell that takes place :

  1. Blank PCB are fabricated at our facility
  2. Parts are procured (mostly in Reels of 1000pcs/reel on average)
  3. We provide the MCU parts reel to our Service house
  4. They Program 100 MCU parts with your Firmware (under a strict NDA with us)
  5. Then re-reel these 100 MCU parts on a separate reel, and return to us
  6. We then use this reel of 100 MCU parts along with other reels of parts, to do the PCB Assembly
  7. We also get a custom Functional test JIG prepared from one of the Service Houses
  8. Once your PCBA pop off the line, our trained operators perform functional testing of your PCBAs on the Test JIG, making accurate and detailed reports all along
  9. Order finishes and we ship to you

This is just one of the examples, a very common case with us. Although we have made it very concise, you can appreciate the background processes that take place and moreover, the nuances between each step mentioned above, like Logistics, management, reporting etc. that take place.

MKT Electronics does this on a daily basis!

“I want to source my parts directly from my supplier of choice….”

We hear you! And that is fine with us. Our procedures are flexible enough to accommodate your requirements and needs. We can make the Blank PCB for you, receive parts from your supplier of choice (eg. Digikey, AVNet, Mouser, Farnell, RS, Arrow, etc.) and then assemble them on your PCBA. We then rely on the guarantees provided by your suppliers.

“Can I have kitted parts or parts arranged in sets for each PCB ?”

Of course. Although it takes some manual efforts to do that, we are happy to provide the service to you, so you have peace of mind and can focus on what you do best, while we handle the grunt of the work for you.

We believe each PCBA, whether from a batch of millions or a batch of tens, is a product and has to have the same level of quality and functionality as the rest. Thus, our QC process is very strict, we make SoPs at the start of the Project and follow them to the dot until the product is shipped out. This means, even though you will do your own QC after you get the PCBA from us, rest assured you can focus on integrating your idea or device into your product and marketing and sales, while we put in our efforts in tandem with our minds to make sure you get good quality and correct PCBA for your needs.

Furthermore, ensuring good quality is more of a need for us than anyone, since MKT Electronics runs on the principal of Customer retention and repeat business. We spend all the extra effort and time to make your PoC and realize your idea/creation into a working Prototype and then scale that up to Pilot production and finally mass production to Box-build, Pack and ship.

To ensure our printed circuit boards meet your high performance and quality expectations, we perform free DFM and DFA checks to detect any issues that could negatively impact the low-volume PCB fabrication process. We then conduct function testing based on your specific requirements. If necessary, we can build a PCB prototype or custom Jig for function testing purposes.

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