Consigned PCB Assembly

Consigned PCB Assembly

In addition to providing complete assembly services for our clients, we offer consigned PCB assembly. If you wish to provide some or all of your own parts for assembly, we can do that as well. Many clients prefer to have us handle all aspects of their products, including manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB fabrication, and assembly. However, we offer flexible options to those who wish to pick and choose which services we do.

Consignment PCB Assembly

Clients who wish to use our consignment PCB assembly service will supply us with all of the parts of components that are necessary for PCBs. We will then manage and handle the fabrication and assembly of the products. This works well for clients who manufacture proprietary or highly expensive parts that are complicated to replicate. It also works well for clients who have a backlog of parts in their inventory. We are able to perform a custom PCB assembly using your parts, and it will meet your specifications in full.

Partial Consignment PCB Assembly

In addition, we offer a hybrid solution in our partial consignment PCB assembly package. You can supply a portion of the parts that are to be used in the assembly, and we will supply the remaining parts that are needed. We will complete the fabrication and assembly of your products exactly as we would in any other situation. This works well for clients who are unable to find all of the parts they need or who have a few specific parts they want to use in their products.

The benefit of Consignment and Partial Consignment PCS Assembly

The primary benefit to using these services is that you can choose to use parts that you already have or that you want to use in your final product. We complete the fabrication and assembly the same way whether you provide the parts and components or we do. We offer free DFM testing as well as custom testing throughout the fabrication and assembly process. We have affordable pricing and fast turnaround time on all of our orders.

Our Experience

At MKTPCB, we have more than 10 years of experience in fabricating and assembling PCBs. We can procure the parts and components for you, or you can take advantage of our Consignment or Partial Consignment PCB Assembly. No matter which choice you make, we ensure quality control inspections and testing to make sure that your products are fully functional and high quality. We have a 99% customer satisfaction rating because we take pride in the top quality of our work.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your Consignment or Partial Consignment PCB Assembly needs, you can fill out an online inquiry, email us, or telephone us. We will respond to you quickly, and our sales engineer can get you a quote for whatever service you need. At MKTPCB, we are proud to offer all kinds of solutions for our clients so that they get affordable products in the time frame that works best for them.

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