Low-Volume High-Mix PCB and Assembly Service

Low-Volume High Mix PCB Assembly

The first thing that comes to mind when saying “Low-Volume” is the prototype orders, which are although low in volume/quantity, but have specific requirements. That is why we distinguish Prototype PCBs and PCBA with Low-Volume High-Mix (LVHM), which are small quantity orders, generally repeat over a timeframe but not necessarily always, and require a level of PCB fabrication or Assembly that are mostly required or used by High volume production orders.

LVHM service deals with orders that require all or most of the following that are generally the niceties that High Volume orders enjoy :

  • Custom PCB requirements, eg. :
    1. Multi-layer PCB,
    2. Blind/Buried vias,
    3. via holes less than 0.3mm OR laser drilled holes,
    4. dense layouts (~ 5/5 mil spacing or less),
    5. Non-regular shaped boards, etc.
  • Custom Assembly requirements, eg. :
    1. Large variety of footprints,
    2. Special part placements (eg. Custom metal EMI/RFI shields, power strips, etc.),
    3. Double side part loading on PCB,
    4. Multiple Pick-n-place runs or orders requiring multiple board flipping,
    5. Manual Wiring Harness connections, etc.
  • Custom Testing requirements :
    1. Custom test jig setup (Customer provided OR MKT provided OR both),
    2. Testing training imparting to Line staff,
    3. QC performed on testing of products,
    4. Detailed documentation with Production and Test reporting to customer,

So basically, LVHM orders can take advantage of all or most of the requirements and services on offer to High Volume orders. At MKT Electronics, we firmly believe that each project, however small or large, is a potential product and treat it with the same level of respect and care. We offer all of the above notable services and more to our clients and strive for excellence.

We have multiple Assembly lines, equipped with both THT and SMT units, and can change our lines relatively faster to meet almost any custom order for our clients. Our experienced people are the company’s value and they make the changes happen in a time efficient manner, saving a lot of time and hence cost to the clients. “Time is Money” isn’t for nothing.

Other PCB assemblers may need high-volume orders to offer their best work, We pay the same close attention to low-volume assembly runs as we do to larger projects. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and that means every customer, big or small, gets top notch service and attention. Our in-house quality assurance department will go to great lengths to ensure your PCBs meet your exuberant quality and performance standards. Low volume doesn’t mean to compromise product complexity or variety.

Complete Turnkey Low-Volume Assembly Services

Unlike others in the industry, we can handle every aspect of your project, including PCB component procurement, fabrication and assembly, and we can do it at a much lower cost than you will find in most other places, without compromise on quality. As a single-source PCB manufacturing entity, we can save you the time and hassle of having to locate and deal with multiple suppliers.

You get a one-window solution – we reserve a tech support person to each ongoing order; that means you have 1 person to talk to for all your needs from Component sourcing to PCB fabrication to Assembly to Test and QC to all the way up to Packing and shipping. It’s so much easier to have everything under one roof. That’s what you get when you partner with MKT Electronics. You tell us what you need, and we make it for you fast, so you can concentrate on the actual business of putting together, marketing and selling your product.

High Mix Assembly to Meet Your Requirements

Let’s face it – Modern day electronics (Consumer goods to White ware to Industrial applications) all call for applications with high density and complexity in order to get more functionality in their product that makes them unique or different than the rest. MKT Electronics provides multiple assembly types including PTH and SMT, single/double-sided assembly and they can be freely combined on one circuit board for advanced functions and applications. Furthermore, multiple component packages and sizes also contribute to high mix assembly. At MKT Electronics, we’re able to deal with components with sizes starting from 01005 and 0201 while component packages involve BGA, QFN, WLCSP etc.

Quality PCB Testing

We believe each PCBA, whether from a batch of millions or a batch of tens, is a product and has to have the same level of quality and functionality as the rest. Thus, our QC process is very strict, we make SoPs at the start of the Project and follow them to the dot until the product is shipped out. This means, even though you will do your own QC after you get the PCBA from us, rest assured you can focus on integrating your idea or device into your product and marketing and sales, while we put in our efforts in tandem with out minds to make sure you get good quality and correct PCBA for your needs.

Furthermore, ensuring good quality is more of a need for us than anyone, since MKT Electronics runs on the principal of Customer retention and repeat business. We spend all the extra effort and time to make your PoC and realize your idea / creation into a working Prototype and then scale that up to Pilot production and finally mass production to Box-build, Pack and ship.

To ensure our printed circuit boards meet your high performance and quality expectations, we perform free DFM and DFA checks to detect any issues that could negatively impact the low-volume PCB fabrication process. We then conduct function testing based on your specific requirements. If necessary, we can build a PCB prototype or custom Jig for function testing purposes.

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