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Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototype PCBs and PCBA are the need of every engineer and electronic product company, whether to make a PoC or to test and validate an idea, or to see how their design will perform in a realistic device form factor. Conventionally, mostly PCBs were made while companies spent resources and time having their engineers manually assemble the parts on their Prototypes to test and validate their idea. In Current times, this has changed drastically, when most of the parts are no longer easily hand-solderable OR are too cumbersome to solder – Time is Money!

Hence, MKT Electronics offers a quick turn-around Prototyping service for both custom Blank PCBs and PCBA. This offloads your precious resources to what they are best at, and saves you considerable time and effort, while we take care of not only making your idea into a reality but also maintaining High-quality in terms of Parts (Fresh and clean), processes (Reflow / Wave soldering, E-Test) and inspection (Manual, AOI, X-Ray). All in all, you give us your order with your design files and bom, and we give you a tested quality PCBA for your further testing and validation needs. Quick, Simple and Cost-effective!

Our Process

Prototype PCB Assembly typically occurs in small batches or at best, a limited production run. Although some companies argue that it is not viable to carry these processes out on the same lines used for mass productions, we generally bring the same high level of quality and care to the process as with our full-production assembly projects by utilizing the same resources and personnel to ensure the best possible results. Our capable team is fully qualified to handle every aspect of the process, including the procurement of parts and components, PCB fabrication, assembly, manufacturing and quality control.  We will also follow your original prototype design and do not make any modifications or alterations without your approval. All of this ensures our lines are kept at their optimum all along, hence streamlining our overhead costs, and this translates into more consistent business for us, and economical pricing for you.

Our services include Design for manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) to ensure your prototype will meet your exact design specifications. We can even assemble prototypes for high-density circuit boards.

Our Benefits

Quick turn-around times

Unlike other companies, we can deliver your PCB/PCBA prototypes in just days, rather than weeks or months. This translates into you getting your idea creation into your hands quicker to test, validate, and head into production, faster than your competition, for example.

Because of our various Assembly options, strong ties and fruitful relationships with Authorized representatives of major Electronic component manufacturers and Distributors, and our experienced team of people, we can rest assured, you get your prototypes and products faster with all the bells and whistles.

Economical pricing

Our pricing is very economical and competitive because we have all the facilities under one roof. Nothing is outsourced and this saves the man-in-the-middle “commissions” and costs. We transfer these savings to our clients and thus our model is very effective.

Other than direct costs, you also save indirect costs in time by not tying up your valuable resources to doing managerial works like coordinating with the PCB manufacturers, Parts souring and Logistics operations.

All in all, MKT Electronics means you save and focus on the areas that you are experts in, while we focus on giving you timely and cost-effective services for your needs in PCB/PCBA and Product manufacture.

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