Prototype PCB Assembly

Prototype PCB Assembly

In addition to fabricating PCBs from all types of materials for all kinds of devices and applications, MKTPCB can fabricate PCB Prototypes so that clients can test their designs before ordering large quantities of PCBs for their products. Our fast, affordable Prototype assembly takes our clients’ unique designs and prepares them for assembly. We perform rigorous tests to ensure that products meet the precise performance requirements. The entire process takes place under one roof, which allows for fast turnaround.

Benefits of PCB Prototype Assembly

The primary reason to order a PCB Prototype is to test your design. Once the PCB Prototype is made, the device has to be assembled to accurately assess its success. MKTPCB offers PCB Prototype fabrication and assembly in one location to provide fast turnaround times for clients.

Although PCB Prototype assembly is normally a limited production for testing purposes, MKTPCB guarantees the same quality as with full-production assembly projects. The qualified team of experts can procure parts and components for the assembly, fabricate PCBs and PCB Prototypes, and ensure assembly manufacturing and quality control. In addition, we do not make any changes or modifications to your design without your approval.

Fast Turnaround Times

At MKTPCB, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and our unwavering commitment to meet deadlines. We can have PCB Prototypes back to clients within days or weeks, which allows their designs to be tested and move to production faster. We are committed to making sure that you get your Prototypes as soon as possible so that you can move to the production phase.

We provide flexible assembly options, high availability of components, and we have stable and long-standing relationships with authorized component distributors and manufacturers. Clients are able to test and modify their designs quickly so that they can perfect their design before production. We understand how important it is to get designs to production as quickly as possible, and our fast turnaround times make it possible for you.

Quality at Competitive Prices

At MKTPCB, we understand the importance of providing quality at affordable prices, and we know how to make it happen. We have many long-standing relationships with reputable suppliers, and we are able to source the most affordable parts for your components. We also offer cost-effective packaging options, and our sales engineer can help you select the most cost effective solution for your designs.

We offer a complete line of PCB services for our clients, including PCB Prototyping, PCB Fabrication using a variety of materials, component sourcing, and assembly of products. We have a highly trained team of engineers and design experts, and everything is done in one location. This allows us our quality assurance team to keep a close eye on the entire process as we deliver as quickly as possible.

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It is easy to contact us through an online inquiry, email, or by telephone. Our trained experts will assist you and answer any questions about our process. We take pride in our ability to produce thousands of PCBs for our clients in record times while maintaining the highest standards for quality.

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