Several Major Developments In Gold Finger PCB Board

Jul. 11, 2018

The development of electronic technology is changing with each passing day. Only by recognizing the development trend of PCB technology, multilayer HDI PCB manufacturer can actively develop innovative production technology in order to find a way in the highly competitive PCB industry. As the world's largest PCB production site, the production and processing capacity of circuit board manufacturers will become a key part of the development of the electronics industry. Circuit board manufacturers must always maintain the awareness of development, the following are some views on the development of PCB production and processing technology:

1, development component embedded technology

2. HDI technology is still the mainstream development direction

3. Continuously introduce advanced production and management services, update circuit board manufacturing process

4. Develop higher performance PCB raw materials

5, the prospect of gold finger PCB board is broad

Photoelectric PCB boards use optical path layers and circuit layers to transmit signals. The key to this new technology is the fabrication of optical path layers (optical waveguide layers). It is an organic polymer formed by lithographic photolithography, laser ablation, reactive ion etching, and the like. At present, the technology has been industrialized in Japan, the United States, and the like. As a major producer, Chinese circuit board manufacturers should also actively respond to the pace of scientific and technological development.

Gold Finger PCB Board