Alignment control in multilayer PCB

Mar. 02, 2018

MKT is gradually adopting the so called Perfect Test system to achieve a top precision layer alignment. It determines the actual position of each inner sheet to 0.001 inch accuracy. By testing a certain number of prototype printed circuit boards, the test system determines the average design clearance between the pattern and holes that connect the sheets. The results are processed and then when you start the actual production process, the system will have calculated the best alignment and give you high precision multilayer PCB products that you'll be proud of.

Getting the multilayer PCB prototype spot on is a huge step towards a superior product. Unfortunately, many manufacturers try to get through this important stage of production as quickly as possible. The aforementioned methods are not cheap but they are essential.

Each electronics company starting out or trying to improve their quality control has to consider what to use to make sure their product stands out. The competition in electronics sector is fierce and in the long run the best quality always wins.

multilayer PCB prototype