PCB circuit boards are all around us

Apr. 12, 2018

PCB Circuit Boards are meant to physically mount, hold, and dictate how the electronic components are placed so that the whole parts are being functional in a sequence according to the printed design of the board. PCB Circuit Boards are the "brains" of an appliance or electronic gadget so it follows a certain purpose or operation. Mass production of these boards make them more affordable than any other electronic component.

Digital alarm clocks wake you up in the morning. You make your breakfast using a coffeemaker and the microwave. You send a message to someone going to work using a mobile cellphone. You arrive at the office and start your work checking out emails using your desktop computer. Drinking water in either hot or cold, you take using the water dispenser. You go home and surf the Internet using your laptop or surf the satellite flat television. Everything you do in your daily routine is made possible by the circuit boards.

Around 4 billion tons of electronic waste in dump sites have PCB Boards in the devices. Just imagine the bulk of the electronic boards just being thrown out the homes each year by disposing appliances, digital and power gadgets, and even the old models of mobile cellphones. There have been reports of improper e-waste disposal and recovery in some countries who do not have awareness on the hazardous effects of e-waste to their environment. But as a normal citizen, what can you possibly do to be able to minimize the waste around you?

Do not purchase anything electronic or digital that you do not actually need or will be using for a long time. A classic example would be the fast-changing mentality of the mobile phones. Getting the right type of phone just seem to fade out when the cellphone reaches 18 months of age. Make the usage life a bit more longer so you do not contribute to the 400 million mobile phones being discarded in the land fills.

Get creative about the spare part in circuit boards. Make sure that you are handling the surplus board parts properly. Remember that there are toxins in the board and so always practice safety in the material handling. You can use the spare electronic components to create a new electronic design or use them for experimental simple gadgets. Electronic hobby enthusiasts usually trade their components with other hobbyists to create something new from e-waste.

There is a need to exchange a bit of comfort for sustainability. Do not fall a victim to commercialism - only buy what you direly need. Some electronic gadgets do not exactly answer a need but only a want. If you have one mobile phone, why would you want to buy another one? Unless for valid reasons, stick with what you have until it is beyond repair.

PCB Circuit Boards are all around us. You cannot hamper the demand in the market for digital and electronic items but you can easily do your part by stopping to pause what you need. You have to be able to contribute in your own small way to help the e-waste recycling efforts around the globe.

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