What is SMT PCB assembly?

Jun. 23, 2018

SMD Technology SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is currently the most popular in the electronic assembly industry, the most efficient technology and technology, SMT is surface assembly technology (surfacemounted Technology abbreviation).

The circuit mounting technology, which is installed on the surface of the SMT PCB assembly or on other substrates, is welded and assembled by means of reflow or dip welding. SMT Features: High density assembly, electronic products, small size, light weight, SMD components of the volume and weight of only the traditional plug-in components of about 1/10, after the general use of SMT, electronic products volume reduction 40%~60%, weight reduction 60%~80%. High reliability and strong anti-seismic ability. Welding point defect rate is low, high frequency characteristic is good. Reduced electromagnetic and RF interference. Easy to automate and improve productivity. Reduce costs up to 30%~50%.

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What is SMT PCB assembly?