PCB Equipments

PCB Equipments (Enquiry pls send to linda@mktpcb.com )

Extensive and high-performance PCB equipment

The quality of a product is always determined by the quality of the tools. At RayMing we have set a new benchmark when it comes to high-end Printed Circuit Board manufacturing equipment. Quality is given pre-eminence at our facility. Our PCB equipment conforms to high quality standards and is procured locally as well as internationally.

Detailed listing of PCB board


To give you an idea of the PCB equipment used in our state-of-the-art factory, we have listed the specifications and photographs of some of our current equipment.

Quick turn PCB manufacturing line

To meet the ever-increasing demand for PCB prototyping we acquired a quick-turn PCB manufacturing line in 2005. As a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer that exceeds industry standards, we continue to delight our customers by providing outstanding Printed Circuit Board. Now for 2 layers we can ship the PCB in 12 hours, 4 layers in 48 hours, 6 layers in 72 hours.

PCB Drilling machine

PCB pattern plating line

PCB Multilayer Pressing equipment

PCB solder mask expose machine

PCB pattern expose machine

PCB E-test machine

PCB AOI Machine

PCB pattern develop machine

PCB solder mask develop line

PCB Legend solder mask overn

Pattern plating line 2

Strip film etching line

PCB Material cutting machine


Solder mask screen silk print machine


Drilling room

Solder mask scrubbing line

Pattern plating line3

V-cut machine

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