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9 of the Best PCB Assembly Companies Worldwide

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Ever since their invention back in 1936, PCBs and the entire manufacturing industry have grown and evolved. Over the last 80 or so years, many companies have risen to the surface to claim their spot at the top of the PCB manufacturers list. However, not all of them lasted.

Today, people have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the printed circuit board assembly. Companies that offer electronic manufacturing and PCB design and assembly are a dime a dozen. But which PCB assembly companies are the best? And how do people even choose them?

How to Properly Choose the Right PCB Assembly Company

Choosing the right electronic manufacturing service company is vital for the success of the project. No matter what you’re designing or building, you need reliable PCB manufacturers that offer state-of-the-art products.

But how do we know which ones do?

1. Check Their Range of Expertise

No, we don’t mean to ask for their staff’s credentials. Instead, check if they offer a wide range of services or not. It’s vital to know whether a company offers just one type of PCBs (for example, rigid ones) or has all product selection types. The same goes for the materials and components they use (manufacture or outsource).

Of course, the knowledge and experience of their staff also matter. Take a peek at their client list. If their clients come from different industries, chances are they know what they are doing.

2. What Services They Offer

After making sure their products are top-notch, check what their services are like. Do they offer end-to-end management? Do they have policies in place that will ensure smooth sailing from the beginning of your project all the way to the end? What about PCB prototypes — do they offer those services as well?

Manufacturers that offer quick-turn and turnkey assembly usually have the capacity to handle both medium volume and high volume orders and carry them out from start to finish.

3. What About Their Quality Control?

Proper quality control results in both cost and time effectiveness. Companies that have regular, thorough quality control protocols in place are able to produce and deliver a top-notch product.

4. Finally, the Cost

Companies have to offer competitive pricing. Because every project has a budget, you can’t not pay attention to the production costs. However, also keep in mind that low prices aren’t always a good sign. As in any other industry, they might be a sign of poor quality.

Best PCB Assembly Companies


Founded in 2006 in Shenzhen, China, MKTPCB has been at the very top of the industry practically from its beginning. With a wide range of products and services that include PCB fabrication and PCB assembly, MKTPCB can cater to any client. Their services include prototyping, functional testing, as well as IC programming, and even sourcing of raw material.

Of course, the list doesn’t end there. A company as attentive as MKTPCB also offers end-to-end logistics as a part of their services.

In fact, one of their main selling points is that all size orders are welcome. With a huge list of clients who operate on all continents and in a multitude of industries, MKTPCB is a company that can satisfy anyone’s PCB needs.

2. PCBWay

Another company that fought its way to the top all the way from Shenzhen, China, is PCBWay. This PCB manufacturer and SMT assembly company offers services while cutting the middleman out.

Much like our previous entry, PCBWay has no limits when it comes to the size of the order. That is particularly beneficial for small companies who need small and medium orders. PCBWay is willing to make as few as five pieces of PCB per order.

Aside from that, PCBWay is known for its fast turnaround time and 24-hour customer service.

3. Advanced Circuits

A US-based company that specializes in quick-turn services, Advanced Circuits takes great pride in their delivery and turnaround times. With over 50% of their orders leaving the factories before time, we can understand why!

Because reinvention is the mother of success, Advanced Circuits didn’t stop at simple PCB fabrication. Today, they also offer a lot of PCB-related services and products, such as cavity boards and customized or non-standard PCBs. Heavy copper and 40-layer PCBs, for example, are their specialty.

4. Sanmina

When it comes to being a veteran in the industry, Sanmina takes the cake! With over 40 years of experience, Sanmina came a long way from a small Californian company to an enterprise that operates on six different continents.

One of the biggest leaders in the industry, Sanmina, offers a multitude of services. End-to-end design, manufacturing, and PCB fabrication, as well as SMT assembly — Sanmina does it all.

This United States-based company caters to clients from various industries. Still, the medical industry, as well as computing, defense, automotive, and aerospace industries, are their primary areas of focus.

5. RayPCB

Moving back to the motherland of PCB greatness — China — we present the next entry on our list. RayMing Technology, or simply RayPCB, is a PCB assembly company that specializes in double-sided and multi-layer PCBs.

Since it hit the ground running back in 2005, RayPCB has been dazzling clients worldwide with their PCB fabrication and assembly service as well as their component outsourcing service. You’ll find everything from aluminum and single-sided PCBs to heavy copper PCBs and double-sided surface-mount designs in their service selection.

Aside from that, RayPCB is also known for its high-end boards. Among other things, RayPCB is the ideal place to get Tеflоn PCB, high-frequency сirсuit boards, or Rоgеrѕ PCB.

6. RedBoard Circuits

Representing the best of both worlds, RedBoard Circuits is a US company that has ties to China and Taiwan. They design, build, and manufacture PCBs and PCB prototypes and even offer one-stop services.

RedBoard Circuits caters to clients from all industries and considers no order to be too small (or big).

They manufacture single and double-sided PCBs as well as multi-layer ones (up to 36 layers). Aside from that, their product selection also includes:

  • Rigid-flex PCBs
  • Radiofrequency and microwave PCBs
  • Metalcore PCBs
  • Heavy copper PCBs (up to 6 oz of copper)
  • Flex PCBs
  • Blind, buried, and micro vias
  • Epoxy plugging
  • Castellated holes
  • Countersink PCBs
  • Aluminum PCBs

7. A-Tech Circuits

Another gem that comes from Shenzhen, China, A-Tech Circuits specializes in quick-turn PCB prototypes. Their preferred method of operations is manufacturing and assembly of small and medium volume PCB orders.

They have a pretty standard service and product selection that includes:

  • Metal Core/LED PCB
  • PCB Assembly
  • Flexible PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • Microwave/RF PCB
  • Rigid FR4 PCB

Now, some might say, “This isn’t that special; why is A-Tech Circuits even on this list?” Although quite pedestrian, A-Tech Circuit’s services come with a huge advantage — manufacturing and delivery speed.

8. PCBGoGo

As you can see, Shenzhen, China, seems to be the Mecca of PCB assembly companies. One of the most famous ones is definitely PCBGoGo. Although a new kid on the block, since it was founded back in 2017, PCBGoGo has managed to make quite a name for itself.

A company that specializes in full-service experience, PCBGoGo has three factories that are more than capable of covering small to medium volumes of PCB fabrication. Aside from that, PCBGoGo also specializes in mass value fabrication and customized PCB prototypes.

9. Cirexx International

If your perfect PCB assembly company isn’t in Shenzhen, you’ll find it in California! Another veteran on the list, Cirexx International, has headquarters in Santa Clara, California. It has been around since the early ’80s. During that time, the company managed to perfect the processes of PCB layout design, prototyping, fabrication, and assembly.

They specialize in quick-turn PCB assembly. The most noteworthy clients on their list include titans such as Apple and Xerox. With testimonials like those, there’s little reason to doubt why Cirexx International made it to our list!

A Few Parting Words

Considering the speed the manufacturing industry is reinventing and improving itself with, one would think that PCB assembly companies come and go faster than one can ask, “Do you offer PCB prototype services?”

While that’s true when it comes to some companies, others have steadily climbed the success ladder and remained at the top. The nine PCB assembly companies we went over in this article are all top-notch, reliable companies that offer state of the art PCB assembly services that will surely meet your standards.

If MKTPCB caught your eye, we’re not surprised. With over ten years of experience in the field of PCB and PCBA, we are one of the best contract manufacturers out there. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or simply to inquire further about our services.

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