PCB Assembly Manufacturing

At MKTPCB, we have over a decade of experience in fabricating PCBs. We have expanded our services to include a complete Turnkey solution for our customers. We are certified by ISO9001, TS16949, UL, and RoHS, and we are proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rating in the industry. We now provide high-quality PCB assembly services under one roof with rigorous quality standards and following all regulations.

PCB Assembly

We can fabricate and assemble just about any PCB. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • Minimum Size: PCB with width and length less than 30 mm should be panelized
  • Maximum size: Single board 500 mm by 400 mm; panel board 310 mm by 410 mm
  • Layer count: 1 to 40 layers (1 to 20 layers for mass production)
  • Copper thickness one ounce to 15 ounces
  • PCB Types:
  • Surface Finishes: Lead/Lead-free HASL, ENIG, ImSilver, OSP, Gold plated

Component Assembly

We can assemble the following components:

  • SMT sizes: 01005, 0201 or larger
  • Fine pitch: 0.4 mm or greater
  • BGA pitch: 0.35 mm or greater
  • BGA ball count: 2 to 50
  • WLCSP pitch: 0.35 mm or greater
  • BGA, micro-BGA, POP, CSP, LGA package, flip chip, hard metric connectors, cable and wire
  • Component height: 0.1 mm to 12 mm
  • Minimum component spacing: 0.20 mm for SMT parts, no specific demand for thru hole parts

With our SMT component presentation, we can do bulk, cut tape, tube, tray, partial reel, and full reel. We can fabricate the PCBs and assemble products in our location.

Our Custom PCB Capabilities

Our experienced team of experts can handle all aspects of PCB fabrication and assembly in one location. We have high standards and all PCBs go through rigorous testing throughout the entire process. We have the following capabilities:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Prototype and production quantities
  • IPCIII standard compliant
  • Single PCB Assembly and PCB Panel Assembly
  • Single and Double-Sided PCB Assembly
  • SMT Assembly, Thru-Hole Assembly, and Combination of SMT and Thru-Hole Assembly
  • Leaded Assembly, Lead-Free or RoHS Compliant Assembly and No-Clean Process Assembly

For Advanced PCB Assembly, we also offer the following options:

  • Box Build Assembly
  • Comprehensive Components Sourcing Service using our authorized reputable and reliable distributors

Finally, we offer special addition services to our clients, including the following:

  • Free DFM and DFA Check
  • Free Stencil
  • Free Tips to Reduce Assembly Cost (including using our components distributors and providing alternative recommendations to reduce your costs)
  • Free PCB Panelization Service
  • Free Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI)
  • Electrical Testing, including flying probe test, and custom testing
  • First Article Inspection
  • Expedited PCB Production Service
  • Excellent customer service

Contact Us

If you are in need of Advanced PCB Assembly, you can fill out our online inquiry, email us, or reach out by telephone. We will respond quickly. Our experienced team can answer any questions you may have, and our sales engineer can customize a quote for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your PCB needs.

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