Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

At MKTPCB, we offer Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), and we specialize in the assembly of high-tech systems and devices that are used in many industries, including the following:

  • Medical care
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industry
  • Power
  • Lighting
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • IoT

We offer Full Production services, starting with co-designing and co-engineering, and including Prototyping, Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly, Box Build, System Integration, Supply Chain Management, and more to help OEMs increase their ROI worldwide.

Co-Designing and Co-Engineering

At MKTPCB, we have a professional design team and engineering team, both of whom specialize in achieving the highest manufacturing efficiency for our clients. We assist customers by making modifications to design files that do not reduce the expected functions, and we perform DFM and DFA testing throughout the process to ensure that everything meets our customers’ high standards. As a result, our turnaround times and affordability are top of the line.


We offer our clients Quick Turn Prototyping service based on their needs. We can do manual or automatic soldering, and we have a long track record of taking concepts and turning them into genuine working products quickly and accurately. We understand the importance of having the Prototypes quickly to test your designs, and we excel in this area.


We always conform to the regulations and standards of ISO 9001:2008 and IPC in the manufacturing process. We leverage Valor MSS (Manufacturing System Solution) throughout the entire manufacturing process to minimize defects and maximize efficiency. We can perform all aspects of the manufacturing process, including PCB fabrication, Electronic Assembly, System Integration, Testing, Box Build, and more.

PCB Fabrication

We started MKTPCB as a small PCB Fabrication business over 10 years ago, and we have a solid foundation for electronics manufacturing. We have extensive experience in fabricating all kinds of PCBs, including the following:

  • Standard PCBs
  • FR4 PCBs
  • Flexible and Flex-Rigid PCBs
  • High-Tg PCBs
  • High-Frequency PCBs
  • Aluminum PCBs
  • Metal Core PCBs
  • HDI PCBs
  • Thick Copper PCBs

We can meet any requirements by special applications in terms of running speed, function implementations, or extreme environmental conditions. We can also fabricate highly-mixed PCBs, including flexible PCBs that are laminated with FR4 to meet much higher application demands. We have the following additional capabilities:

  • Bline and buried vias or microvias
  • Via in pad
  • Countersink or counterbore hole
  • Half cut or castellated hole
  • Gold fingers
  • Edge plating
  • Kapton tape
  • RoHS compatibility

Full Service Electronics Manufacturing

We offer a full service manufacturing and one stop electronic assembly including solder paste printing, components mounting, reflow soldering, and test inspection. We can handle all volumes, low-volume high-mix assembly or mid- to high-volume assembly depending on customers’ needs.

In addition, we conduct rigorous testing throughout the process to ensure full top quality functionality. Our quality control team conducts inspections at each phase of production, and we find and correct defects or problems before the project gets too far into the process. Our supply chain management is excellent because we operate under one roof where we can keep track of the entire process.

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Please contact us to discuss your Electronics manufacturing needs. You can submit an online inquiry, email, or telephone us, and we will respond to you quickly.

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