Laser Stencil

laser stencil

Laser Stencils are critical for transferring an accurate amount of solder paste to the correct position on circuit boards that are ready for assembly. When these PCBs are fabricated, the exact amount of solder paste is necessary as too much or too little will inhibit its ability to function. Stencils are the answer to this problem, as they efficiently ensure that precise amounts of solder paste are used. We provide two types of SMT stencils: laser-cut stencils and chemical-etch stencils.

Our Experience

At MKTPCB, we manufacture all types of PCBs, including Prototype PCBs, Standard PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs, Flex-Rigid PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, Thick Copper PCBs, High-TG PCBs, Halogen PCBs, and more, as well as solder paste stencils that meet Mount Surface Mount Technology requirements. We have over 10 years of experience in PCB fabrication, and we have a quality assurance team that ensures that the highest standards are met in everything we do.

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Feature Capability
Material Stainless Steel
Order Quantity No MOQ requirement
Frame Types Framework, Non-Framework, Cast, Space Saver
Stencil Size 370*470MM-500*1400MM
Stencil Thikness .002 - .016 inches
Min Cut Width .002 inches
Aperture Tolerance within .00025 inches
Existing Fiducials Half Lasered, Lasered through.
Electropolishing Yes
Allow for panelized Data Yes

Laser-Cut Stencils

With Laser-cut stencils, the openings are lasered on 100% stainless steel. This kind of stencil can be produced in a high-quality way with complete accuracy in a short time. This has many advantages, including high accuracy, low level of influence by objective elements, trapezoid opening that is beneficial for demoulding, suitability for accurate cutting, and reasonably priced. However, it has a lower manufacturing speed.

Chemical-Etch Stencil

In this process, the openings are etched into the metal using acid. This kind of stencil can offer better protection on material temper and hardness. The advantages of this type of stencil are that you can make a one-time formation, it has low costs, and it has a relatively high manufacturing speed.

How to Determine Stencil Size

To determine the stencil size, you need to look at both the internal size and the overall size. The internal size is the size that will be compatible with a PCB that is ready to be assembled, and the overall size is the size that is compatible with the printer parameter limits. Both sizes need to be accurate so that the stencil will function optimally.

To determine the width of a framed stencil, you can take the width of the PCB and add 100 mm. To determine the length, you take the length of the PCB and add 100 mm. If you are dealing with a frameless stencil, the width is the width of the PCB plus 200 mm, and the length is the length of the PCB plus 200 mm. 

It is important for PCB designers to focus on the internal size of the stencil because the contract assembler will determine the necessary overall size based on the parameters of their printers.

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Please contact us by online inquiry, email, or telephone to discuss your SMT stencil needs. You can order your stencil alone or along with your PCBs. Our sales engineers will provide you a quote. We can discuss any questions or concerns you might have. At MKTPCB, we fabricate quality stencils and PCBs of all types for businesses that need high-quality PCBs and stencils for their devices.

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