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Standard PCB Manufacturing

High-quality standard PCB at low-cost prices. Quick-turn prototypes within 24-72 hours.

Standard PCB

High-Quality Standard PCBs at Competitive Prices

MKTPCB is an experienced and reliable standard PCB manufacturer that provides end-to-end solutions from creativity and design to assembling and shipment. We have more than ten years of PCB manufacturing experience, and we have successfully handled thousands of PCB projects so far. Twisted traces contain all types of substrate materials such as FR4, aluminum, and Rogers. We mainly use FR4 to manufacture standard boards.

High-Quality Standard PCBs at Competitive Prices

We always meet strict deadlines and time-to-market schedules, and this has distinguished us as one of the leading standard PCB manufacturers in China. If you are ready to transition a design from the prototype stage to production, the MKTPCB standard PCBs are the ideal solution.

Advanced Features of Our Standard PCBs

To ensure that your project has everything it requires in a Standard PCB, we offer the following advanced features:

  • 1 to 24 layers
  • Quantities of one to 10 million pieces
  • Build times between two days and five weeks (expedited service available)
  • FR4 materials (other materials available upon request)

We also offer a variety of board sizes and thicknesses, as well as color choices for your solder paste. We can customize your Standard PCBs to ensure that they are precisely what you need for your products.

It is advisable to use standard PCB services when your design is ready to move from the prototype to the production stage. MKTPCB can produce over 10 million pieces within three days. To bestow our products with projected function and enhanced possibilities, we provide advanced features for standard PCB products. The table below contains our comprehensive capabilities for standard PCBs.  

Feature Capacity
Quality grade Standard IPC Class 2 or Class 3
Order quantity No minimum quantity
Material FR-4 Standard Tg135°C,150°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C, FR4-High-Tg 180°C, Halogen-free, from ShengYi, Iteq, Elite Materials Corp., NanYa, Kingboard, Grace, GoWorld, TUC, Ventec, Isola, Nelco, Rogers, Taconic, Panasonic. Etc
Max and min board size Min5*5mm | Max 600*600mm/500*1200mm
Board size tolerance ±0.1mm - ±0.2mm per ISO 2768
Board Thickness 0.4mm - 3.2mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm ±10%
Outer Layer Copper Thickness 0.5oz/1oz/2oz/3oz/5oz(17.5μm/ 35μm/70μm/105μm/175μm)
Finish Copper Thickness Per IPC Class 2 or Class 3
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 0.5oz/1oz/2.0oz (17.5μm/ 35μm/70μm)
Min Track/Spacing 3mil/3mil (0.076mm/0.076mm)
Solder Mask Color LPI-Green, Green matt, White, Blue, Black, Black Matt, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Color White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Surface Finishing HASL, Lead Free HASL, RoHS ENIG, RoHS Immersion Silver, RoHS Immersion Tin, RoHS OSP
Min Annular Ring 3mil (0.076mm)
Min Drilling Hole Diameter ±0.076mm(±3mil)
Min Width of NPTH 0.8mm
NPTH Hole Size Tolerance ±.002" (±0.05mm)
Min Width of Slot Hole (PTH) 0.6mm
PTH Hole Size Tolerance ±.003" (±0.08mm) - ±4mil
Surface/Hole Plating Thickness 20μm - 30μm
SM Tolerance (LPI) .003" (0.075mm)
Aspect Ratio 1.10 (hole size: board thickness)
Test Voltage 10V - 250V, flying probe or testing fixture (E-test)
Controlled Impedance ±10%
Impedance tolerance ±5% - ±10%
SMD Pitch 0.2mm(8mil)
BGA Pitch 0.2mm(8mil)
Chamfer of Gold Fingers 20, 30, 45, 60
Warp and Twist ≤0.7%
Outline CNC Routing, V-Groove, Beveling punch
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm ±6mil
Build Time 2-5 weeks ( accept expedited service)

Why Choose MKTPCB for Your Standard PCB Products

Why Choose MKTPCB for Your Standard PCB Products

MKTPCB is a full-service turnkey PCB manufacturer that handles everything from prototype to full-production to assembly. We have been manufacturing high-quality standard boards for more than ten years. Besides, we are fully compliant with ISO, IPC, and RoHS standards. Our standard circuit boards are IPC 2 compliant, and we conduct a thorough internal quality inspection to ensure that our final products are of the highest quality standards.

We fabricate standard PCBs that are within your budget range. You can order a few prototypes to assess your design before placing a high-volume order for your standard boards. This will save you time and resources. We will send you a free online standard PCB quote upon request; hence, you will figure out what to expect and plan accordingly. Our team of professional experts also offers technical support at every production stage.

Our customer support team will process your inquiries within the shortest time possible. Our customer satisfaction rate stands at 99%. If you doubt this, try to make a standard PCB order today.

Our Quality Inspection Procedure

At MKTPCB, we are obsessed with quality, and we always aim for a flawless design and functionality of our PCB products. We have laid out a 5-step quality inspection procedure to ensure our products are 100% functional:

First Article Inspection (FAI)

MKTPCB acknowledges FAI as the initial step of quality inspection before the mass production of circuit boards. We put up this step to avoid producing large quantities of defective products due to processing and operational issues.

We inspect every resistor, capacitance, and inductance using an LCR meter. Besides, we use QC with BOM and Assembly drawing to verify chips.

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

The AOI process verifies the placement of electronic components and solder joints after SMT. The primary objective is to get the highest quality control and detect and remove defects in the earlier stages of the assembling process.

X-Ray Inspection

In this step, we use short wavelengths of 0.0006-80nm to penetrate various PCB materials. Designs with BGA and QFN packages have solder joints that are not easily visible by human eyes. We employ X-ray machines to inspect such packages in the final printed circuit board assembly.

Final Quality Assurance (FQA)

After carrying out FAI, AOI, and X-Ray inspections, our quality engineers conduct the last visual quality inspection process for all products. This process ensures that products have gone through all the assembling processes and are of good quality.

Function Test

Finally, we also conduct functional tests on all automated test equipment to simulate different loads, typically average, peak, and abnormal loads. This is a complicated process that involves various tool-based and programming tests. Additionally, this step requires customer technical support.

We Offer Low-Cost Standard PCB Manufacturing Services

We Offer Low-Cost Standard PCB Manufacturing Services

MKTPCB remains committed to providing the best quality standard PCB manufacturing services – both prototype standard PCB manufacturing and standard PCB manufacturing at competitive prices. This commitment has helped us emerge as the trusted and reliable provider of standard PCB fabrication services in China. We have an experienced team of experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees high-quality products in a quick turnaround.

Are you interested to know more about our standard PCB manufacturing services? Are you in need of prototypes or high-volume standard PCB manufacturing services at fast turnaround times? Kindly request a free online quote now. Our standard PCB manufacturing services run 24/7 to meet strict deadlines. Our customer support also provides quick responses to our customers.

What is a Standard PCB

Aluminum is the most common material used for metal printed circuit boards. Standard PCBs are not made of metals; instead, they are made of materials like FR4, fiberglass, ceramic, polymer, etc. To facilitate signal conduction, these circuit boards contain copper layers, silkscreen, and soldered masks. They can be single or double-sided boards based on the application requirements.

Most companies create a PCB prototype in the design and testing phases of their projects. When you are ready to move to the production phase, you will want to use the standard PCB service. While the prototype PCBs are used to test and finalize designs, the standard PCBs are the printed circuit boards that will be installed in your products.

Standard PCB service refers to the full-feature PCB manufacturing process. With over ten years of PCB manufacturing, we have handled numerous projects and covered almost all sorts of substrate materials, including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, and others. Unlike prototype PCB services, our standard printed circuit board services have strict production limits.

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