Manufacturing Capability

Flexible-Rigid PCB
Rigid PCB Capacity for Prototypes PCBs and Mass Production
Features Mass Capability Prototypes Capability
Layers 1-24 layers 1-64 layers
Board material type FR4(Standard FR4, Mid-Tg FR4,Hi-Tg FR4),CEM-1,,ceramic substrate board, aluminum based board, Rogers , Teflon and more FR4(Standard FR4, Mid-Tg FR4,Hi-Tg FR4),CEM-1, CEM-3,ceramic substrate board, aluminum based board, Rogers , Teflon and more
Max. PCB Panel Size 1150*560mm 1150*560mm
Board thickness coverage .016"-.126"(0.4mm-3.2mm) 0.2 to 5.00mm
Min. Board Thickness 2L:0.2mm 2L:0.2mm
4L:0.4mm 4L:0.4mm
6L:0.8mm 6L:0.6mm
Board thickness tolerance ±10% ±10%
Min Inner Layer Tracing/Spacing 0.1mm(4mil) 0.1mm(4mil)
Min outside layer Min Tracing/Spacing 0.075mm(3/3mil) 0.075mm(3/3mil)
Min drilling Hole diameter 0.15mm(6mil) 0.15mm(6mil)
Min plated hole thickness 20um(0.8mil) 20um(0.8mil)
Min Blind/Buried hole size 0.2mm(8mil) 0.2mm(1-8layers)(8mil)
Min Annular Ring ±0.076mm(±3mil) ±0.076mm(±3mil)
Hole Position Deviation ±0.05mm(±2mil) ±0.05mm(±2mil)
Min width of cutout (NPTH) 0.8mm 0.8mm
Min width of slot hole (PTH) 0.6mm 0.6mm
Solder mask color (主焊) LPI, Green, Green matt, Black, Black Matt, White, Red, Yellow, Blue LPI, Green, Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue
Silkscreen color White, Yellow, Red, Black White, Yellow, Red, Black
Surface finish (表面处理) HASL ,Lead Free HASL HASL ,Lead Free HASL
ENIG, Immersion Tin - RoHS ENIG, Immersion Tin - RoHS
OSP, ENIG+OSP, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger OSP, ENIG+OSP, Immersion Silver, Gold Finger
Special Process Buried Hole,Blind Hole, Embedded Resistance, Back drillingand Resistance Control. Buried Hole,Blind Hole, Embedded Resistance, Back drillingand Resistance Control.
Outline Routing, V-Groove, Beveling punch Routing,V-Groove, Beveling punch
Outline Tolerance ±0.15mm ±6mil ±0.15mm (±6mil)
Board thickness tolerance +/-0.1mm ~ +/-10% +/-0.1mm ~ +/-10%
Board size tolerance +/-0.1mm~+/-0.3mm +/-0.1mm~+/-0.3mm
PTH hole size tolerance +/-.003"(+/-0.08mm)~+/-.006"(+/-0.15mm) +/-.003"(+/-0.08mm)~+/-.006"(+/-0.15mm)
NPTH hole size tolerance +/-.002"(+/-0.05mm) +/-.002"(+/-0.05mm)
Controlled Impedance 阻抗 +/- 10% +/- 7%
Insulation Resistance 1×1012Ω(Normal) 1×1012Ω(Normal)
Through Hole Resistance 通孔 <300Ω(Normal) <300Ω(Normal)
Thermal Shock 3×10sec@288℃ 3×10sec@288℃
Warp and Twist ≤0.7% ≤0.7%
Electric Strength >1.3KV/mm >1.4KV/mm
Peel Strength 1.4N/mm 1.4N/mm
Solder Mask Abrasion >6H >6H
Flammability 94V-0 94V-0
Test Voltage 50-330V 50-330V

Flex PCB Capacity
Flexible Capability:
Remarks and Testing
Materials Kapton, Polyimide, PET FR4 for Rigid
Stiffener Materials Polyimide, PET, FR4, SUS
Flexible Board Layers 1-4 Layers Prototype 6 Layers
Rigid-Flex Board Layers 2-6 Layers Prototype 8 Layers
Max. Panel Size 250mm*400mm 12.6mm*30m, The whole roll production
Min.Track Width/Space 0.051mm/0.076mm 0.051mm/0.051mm
Min. Board Thickness Single:0.1mm
2 layers:0.13mm
4 layers:0.30mm
6 layers:0.50mm
Min. Hole Size Drill Hole: 0.20mm
Punching Hole:0.50mm 0.15mm for Prototype
Aspect Ratio 6:01 8:01
Base Copper 1/3Oz--2Oz 3 Oz for Prototype
Size Tolerance Conductor Width:±10% W ≤0.5mm
Hole Size: ±0.05mm H ≤1.5mm
Hole Registration: ±0.050mm
Outline Tolerance:±0.075mm L ≤50mm
Surface Treatment ENIG: 0.025um - 3um
Immersion Tin: 0.04-1.5um
Dielectric Strength AC500V
Solder Float 288℃/10s IPC Standard
Peeling Strength 1.0kgf/cm IPC-TM-650
Flammability 94V-O UL94

PCBA Capability
Stencil Size Range 736mm x 736mm(28.97"X28.97")
SMT Position accuracy: 20um
Components size: 0.4*0.2mm -130*79mm, chip, QFP, BGA, POP
Max. PCB Size: 680mm x500mm
Min.PCB size:no limited
Min. PCB Thickness: 0.3 to 6mm
Min. IC Pitch: 0.30mm
PCB weight: 3KG
Min. Chip Size : 0201(0.2" x 0.1") / 0603 (0.6mmx 0.3mm)
Wave-Solder Max.PCB width: 450
Min.PCB width: no Limited
Component height: Top 120mm/Bot 15mm
Min BGA and Micro BGA pitch and ball counts 0.008"(0.2mm) pitch, ball count greater than 1000
Max. BGA Size 74mm x74mm
BGA Ball Pitch 1.00mm (Min); 3.00mm (Max)
BGA Ball Diameter 0.40mm (Min); 1.00mm (Max)
QFP Lead Pitch 0.38mm (Min); 2.54mm (Max)
Assembly surface mount connectors yes
Testing X-Ray , AOI, Microscope to 20x, ICT, Function test, Temperature cycling.
PCB shape all
Frequency of Stencil Cleaning 1 time / 5 ~ 10 Pieces

MCPCB capacity
Item Technical Specification
Number of layers Single side, double sides, four layers MCPCB
Type of product Aluminum, Copper, Iron base MCPCB
Supplier of laminate Berquist, Thermogan, Totking, Polytronics, Eastpower, Chengyue CCAF etc.
Finish board thickness 0.2~5.0mm
Copper thickness Hoz—3oz
Supplier of solder mask Taiyo, Fotochem etc.
Color of solder mask White, black, red, blue, yellow etc.
Surface finish Electrolytic silver, ENIG, immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP, Lead Free HASL etc.
Type of finished outline Routing, punching, V-cut
Bow and twist ≤0.75%
Min hole’s size 1.0mm
Thermal resistance (℃/W) 1.0, 0.4,
Thermal-conductive (W/m·k) 1.0, 2.5,

PCBA Clone
PCB Process
PCB Materia l& SMT Stencil