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MKTPCB is a one-stop PCB&PCBA supplier with strong abilities of research, prototype, production and service. Our company founded in 2003 MKT started as an effective PCB&PCBA manufacturer, through experience and client relations we have grown and expanded our business to become a one-stop PCB solution provider. We help our clients with everything from PCB schematic diagram, PCB layout, PCB prototyping, PCB production, components procurement, SMT/SMD assembly and processing. 

For PCB we are professional in double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards (maximum to 20 Layers), also we are also engaged in higher lever boards. Like Teflon PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, Rogers PCB, Flexible-Rigid PCB, HDI boards, Aluminum boards.

It will be our great honor if you could supply much more complicated design to certify our process performance. Include computers, communications, optoelectronics, industrial instruments, owner supplies, automobile and other consumer electronics are all can work with our product. With the hard work from our dedicated employees for these years. Our production capability is more than 1500 Sqm per day and 20000Sqm per month. Our goods are widely used on America, New Zealand, Russia, Europe etc. To achieve the goal of meeting the high demands from our customer for many years. Our company are imported many advanced processing machine also the test tools for lap. Like AOI Tester, Flying Probe Testers and other advanced equipment, and High-Frequency Board manufacturing, High Precision CNC Drilling Machines, Special Impedance Control, Blind Buried via manufacturing, Flying Probe Test techniques. With the plenty of experience and energetic young lead management. We can and will stick to the latest industry trend. Also our R&D will be improved with the new progress in technology and requirement`s from customer. In the meantime, we already confirmed by ISO9001:2000, ISO14001 and UL Certificate and RoHS by now, we have established long term relationship with some of aboard partners, and our products and services have been well recognized among our customers.

By choosing MKT as your PCBs supplier you choose experience and professionalism for your product manufacturing.

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We Exist to Give You the Best Quality and Customer Service
We have a R&D team of professionals ready to design and modify PCB designs for you. We provide quick turnaround PCB&PCBA manufacturing through the whole chain. From PCB design to Mass production and implement start-to-end logistics. MKTPCB also can supply the assemble service for our customer. the competitive offer like PCB will be sent to you in short time, and we will make sure all the component is original according to your boom list. All your work could be finished one stand service, SMT, Thru-hole or Hybrid! We have a long experience with raw material sourcing, and by utilizing sourcing strategies we can greatly reduce the cost of your materials. Choose MKT when Quality Mattes!