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PCB Components Sourcing Services

We offer reliable PCB components sourcing services.

pcb components sourcing

We Offer Reliable PCB Components Sourcing Services

MKTPCB is more than just the leading printed circuit board manufacturer. Apart from PCB manufacturing fabrication, and assembly services, we have also specialized in PCB components sourcing. While most PCB service providers have an external procurement department handling components sourcing for their clients, we have set up an internal procurement department to streamline the components sourcing process. 

After sending us your Bill of Materials (BOM), we take care of the entire PCB components sourcing process; hence, you do not have to worry about analyzing and comparing other sources to explore fair prices and quality products. We have established a good working relationship with prominent and reputable distributors like Digikey, Avnest, Mouser Electronics, Farnell Element14, Arrow Electronics, local Chinese distributors, and others to offer reliable and traceable components sourcing services. 

Avoid the hassle of PCB components sourcing and concentrate on your design by trusting us with your PCB components sourcing needs. We are experts in selecting, sourcing, testing, qualifying components, maintaining approved components, and establishing substitutes for defective parts.

How MKTPCB Takes Care of Your Components Sourcing Needs

Components Sourcing Needs

After sending us your BOM, our procurement department keenly reviews it to confirm whether it contains the necessary information like supplier and manufacturer names, components numbers, descriptions, pricing, and historic annual volumes. This will save you the time and labor you would have spent to create an error-free BOM. 

MKTPCB offers comprehensive PCB components sourcing services to enrich our manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication capacities. We have four components sourcing options to choose from:

  • First, we can source all your components from our authorized and reputable partners.   
  • Secondly, we can source your components from your preferred distributors.
  • Thirdly, we have kitted or consigned services where you supply all the parts to us for assembly. 
  • Lastly, we support combo services where you supply some components, and we procure the rest for you. 

We thrive in our commitment to creating value for our customers and business partners. Besides, with our innovative workforce’s help, we heavily invest in R&D initiatives and leverage modern technologies to streamline our supply chain processes. We always explore new opportunities for business growth via strategic partnerships in the electronic industry. 

If you have an urgent project and you want lower prices than the one we quoted, we can still source your components from your preferred supplier. We do this to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our services.

MKTPCB's Competitive Advantages

Excellent Customer Care

We offer free online components sourcing quotations. We also support one-to-one customer care services to streamline the ordering process further. We assign every customer a project manager to ease communication and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Authorized Components Suppliers

We have established long-term and good working relationships with reputable suppliers, like Digikey, Avnest, Mouser Electronics, Farnell Element14, Arrow Electronics, local Chinese distributors, and many others. We still strive to develop good relationships with more electronic suppliers to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Besides, we have authorized supply chain channels that guarantee high-quality PCB materials.    

Low-Cost Components Sourcing Services 

We have more than ten years of experience in PCB manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly services. In our PCB journey, we have also developed good relationships with reputable PCB suppliers. Our suppliers often give our customers discounts on components sourced. The discounts minimize the production expenses. 

Quick Turn Components Sourcing Services 

MKTPCB can serve you with a component sourcing quotation within 24 hours, provided you send a detailed BOM and PCB files. Our procurement department will ensure your parts arrive in three to five days if they are not out of stock. Usually, batch orders take 7-14 days to be completed. However, the lead time may vary based on various factors like the location of the supplier. 

Complete Traceability and Quality Inspection Services 

We have a rigorous quality inspection process consisting of First Article Inspection (FAI), Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray Inspection, Final Quality Assurance (FQA), and Function Test techniques to ensure all PCB components meet our quality standards before use. We also apply transparent sourcing guidelines to ensure easy components traceability.

Diverse and Custom-Oriented Components Sourcing Services 

MKTPCB offers a wide range of components sourcing services to meet the high demands of PCB customers. If you require custom-made components sourcing services, we are flexible enough to satisfy all your needs. We promise to do our best to offer all our clients the highest convenience.

We Provide Customer-Oriented PCB Components Sourcing Services

Customer-Oriented PCB Components Sourcing Services

Do you want to source your components directly from your supplier of choice? 

We hear you! And that is fine with us. Our procedures are flexible enough to accommodate your requirements and needs. We can make the blank PCB for you, receive parts from your supplier of choice (e.g., Digikey, AVNet, Mouser, Farnell, RS, Arrow, etc.,) and then assemble them on your PCBA. At the end of the day, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.

Can I have kitted components or components arranged in sets for each PCB?

Of course, yes. Although it takes some manual effort to do that, we are happy to provide the service to you. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and can focus on what you do best while we handle the grunt of the work for you.

We believe each PCBA, whether from a batch of millions or a set of tens, is a product and has to have the same level of quality and functionality as the rest. Thus, our QC process is rigorous; we make SoPs at the start of the Project and follow them to the dot until the product is shipped out. This means, even though you will do your own QC after you get the PCBA from us, rest assured you can focus on integrating your idea or device into your product and marketing and sales while we put in our efforts in tandem with our minds to make sure you get good quality and correct PCBA for your needs.

How to Get a Quotation

Kindly send us a BOM with detailed information about the supplier and manufacturer names, components numbers, descriptions, pricing, and historic annual volumes. You can fill out an online BOM template provided at the end of this page. 

MKTPCB has an experienced procurement department and has built good relationships with reputable and trusted suppliers. As we all know, component counterfeiting is a significant problem in PCB manufacturing and fabrication. In this regard, we have set up a rigorous quality inspection process to ensure quality products for our customers.

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