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High Volume PCB Assembly Service

Quick-turnaround high volume PCB assembly manufacturing services at low-cost. One-stop services, such as SMT, DIP, TEST, Packaging, and Shipping.

What is High Volume PCB Assembly/PCBA?

In PCB assembly, the requirements differ in volume. When you are producing a product on a large scale, you require high volume PCB assembly services to achieve your goals. Basically, projects of 1000+ pieces are categorized as high-volume PCBA services and need a reliable and reputable assembly partner, like MKTPCB, to handle them.

PCBs We Manufacture and Assemble

With decades of experience in the PCB world, MKTPCB is committed to offering the high quality and full turnkey services. We achieve this via the implementation of tailored assembling processes and capacities, low-cost pricing, and flexible shipping plans.

high volume pcb assembly

✔️ Our approach to handling high-volume orders is guided by our mission to be the litmus test for the best quality PCB assembly services in the world.

✔️ We also supports free sample programs for high volume turnkey orders, where we assemble some PCBs for approval by potential customers before embarking on the actual orders.

✔️ All these quality control strategies help us to provide a full warranty on our PCB products. In case of product failures not related to design issues, we rework or replace the defective products freely.

✔️ To ensure a smooth and low-cost service, We also offers component sourcing services at no extra charges.

✔️  These services include our free passive materials program, where we substitute passive materials from our in-house stocks to discount the cost of high volume orders further.

✔️ Furthermore, repeat clients can also maximize MKTPCB discounts to minimize the long-term production expenses and time further.


High Volume PCBA Capacities of MKTPCB

Our capacity to offer high volume PCB assembly services has enabled us to serve our customers satisfactorily. Below are some of our bulk PCBA capacities:

high volume PCB assembly

One Stop Solution

MKTPCB supports end-to-end evaluation

We supports end-to-end evaluation and conversion services for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) BOM to:   

high volume pcb assembly

Our PCB Manufacturing Capacity

Our cutting-edge manufacturing equipment allows us to satisfy our customers’ needs. We handle both full turnkey and partial turnkey services. For complete turnkey, we control the whole process, including PCB manufacturing, components procurement, order tracking, regular assessment of quality, and final production. You provide the printed circuit boards and related components for us to assembly them for you for partial turnkey.

For reference purposes, kindly have a look at our capacity overview below. Contact us for special requirements not listed in the table.


Process and Tech Specs

We strongly believes that every project, regardless of its size, is a potential product and therefore deserves to be handled accordingly. We provide a wide range of PCB assembly services to clients from all over the world. 

We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports THT and SMT services. Our facilities allow us to change production lines quickly and meet high volume custom order specifications.

high volume pcb assembly manufacturer

We have an experienced and professional team that we value so much. They are the ones that make things happen quickly, meeting short deadlines. 

In our high volume PCB assembly services, we have advanced past the standard circuit board assembly. We regard assembled printed circuit boards as another part of the whole product a client wants to create. More importantly, we strive to establish your dream – all the way up to Box-pack, Product functional testing, Packaging, and Shipping.

Custom Assembly Requirements

Custom Testing Requirements

Custom PCB Requirements


high volume pcb assembly

Benefits of High Volume PCB Assembly

For those who are planning to enter the electronic market at a large-scale level, bulk PCBA will ensure you get quality PCBs with quick turnaround times. This will enable you to hit the market ahead of others quickly and establish a strong competitive edge.

✔️ It allows design and prototyping to be carried out once.  Once the prototypes have been created and their quality tested, it becomes easier to get the bulk running. It facilitates the mass production of electronic products.

✔️ For those who are planning to enter the electronic market at a large-scale level, bulk PCBA will ensure you get quality PCBs with quick turnaround times. This will enable you to hit the market ahead of others quickly and establish a strong competitive edge. Also reduces the overall production costs. Many cost benefits emerge when you seek high volume PCBA services. Typically, you will enjoy the economies of scale. This will further influence your product pricing positively and make you more competitive. This is in comparison to ordering small batches that increase costs. 

✔️ High volume PCB assembly shortens the production cycle by automating the whole process. Condensation of your production cycle will significantly boost your marketing plan. Finally, high-volume printed circuit board assembly  brings uniformity and consistency to your products. This is true since all your products will be tested and assembled using the same procedure, infrastructure, and personnel. Using a reworkable surface finish. During prototyping, it is easier to apply a surface finish than to rework. 

PCB Assembly Services We Offer

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