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PCB Assembly Service

We offer low-cost PCB assembly services: With decades of experience in the PCB industry, We are the leading PCBA solutions provider from Shenzhen, China.

What is PCB Assembly?

PCB Assembly, abbreviated as PCBA, is the process of connecting electronic components to a circuit board. PCB Assembly service differs from PCB manufacturing service. Manufacturing involves the creation of PCB designs and prototypes.

Once you have produced your PCB, you need to solder active and passive components onto it – assembling components. The PCB assembly process is determined by the type of circuit board, type of components, and the PCB’s purpose.

High Volume PCB Assembly Capacities of MKTPCB

Types of PCB Assembly Services We Offer

As one of the leading PCBA service providers in China, MKTPCB leverages advanced circuits to handle the entire PCB assembly process. This eliminates the need for our customers to take care of various suppliers in the assembling process. Furthermore, we support in-house PCB assembly services to ensure the fastest delivery.

Below are some of the PCBA services we offer:

1. SMT Assembly

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is the most common PCB assembling process in the modern age. This technique facilitates component miniaturization and high mechanical strength.

2. BGA Assembly

Ball Grid Array is suitable for mounting high-performance components. Regardless of your design specifications, we will meet your specific needs. Our rigorous quality assessment ensures the high accuracy of the BGA assembly.  

3. Through-Hole PCB Assembly (THA)

We offers end-to-end THA services from prototypes to production. We value the production of quality end products to anything else. Thus, we support a wide range of THA capacities, resulting in products that meet the international quality standards. 

4. Low-Volume PCB Assembly

Low-volume PCB assembly service is suitable for mounting components on a small number of bare boards. If you are launching a new product, you need low-volume PCBA services to avoid losses associated with defects in high-volume production runs. Besides, you can use this service if you are a small batch PCB manufacturer in need of quality products at a short turnaround. HS standards, and our facilities and products are ISO certified

5. High-Volume PCBA

If you are producing a product in large quantities, you require high-volume PCBA service to meet your requirements. We are fully equipped to handle high volumes of PCBs, and we conduct rigorous quality testing for all products. Besides, we offer unbeatable market prices and flexible shipment plans. 

6. Electromechanical Assembly

We are highly experienced in offering electromechanical assembly services by fine fusion, SMT, and rigorous PCB testing methods. Electromechanical assemblies apply mechanical power equipment to execute various activities like power generation, controlling systems, etc. If you are looking for the fastest electromechanical assembly services, contact us to get the best services globally. 


PCBs We Manufacture and Assemble

1. Cable Harness Assembly

Our Mixed Model Assembly starts with SMT as a prima phase trending on the heels of THT for the OEM systems. We also support other techniques, such as heat sinks, cables, and press-fit connector justifiable PTH. 

2. Mixed Model Assembly

 We offers end-to-end THA services from prototypes to production. We value the production of quality end products to anything else. Thus, we support a wide range of THA capacities, resulting in products that meet the international quality standards. 

3. Prototype PCB Assembly

We provides fast PCB prototyping service for customer designs while sticking to our high-quality standards. From our rich background in the PCB industry, we understand how important it is for your prototype to be made quickly and accurately. You need to send us your specific PCB prototyping requirements, and we will professionally handle the rest.

4. Component Sourcing

PCB components sourcing service is essential in turnkey PCB assembly services. We remains committed to bringing convenience and flexibility to the component process. Our competitive advantages in components sourcing are not limited to: supportive and caring customer care, reputable components suppliers, short procurement lead time, complete traceability and obsolescence management, comprehensive customs services in component sourcing, and low-cost products.

5. Consignment PCB Assembly

Consigned PCBA service are essential if you produce proprietary or high-end products with unique components, which are hard to replicate. The service can also be an intelligent cost-saving strategy when you have a considerable buildup of components in your inventory. We have a state-of-the-art facility and workforce to handle your materials and create customized PCB assembly products that meet your specific requirements.

6. Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

We offer complete turnkey PCB assembly service to our customers by taking full control from the design stage to the product completion stage. We leverage cutting-edge SMT and through-hole PCB assembly techniques to process customer orders. 


Our PCB Assembly Capacities

We supports full turnkey and partial turnkey PCB assembly. We handle both rigid and flex printed circuit boards. Our experienced engineers and state-of-the-art assembly facilities allow us to meet our customers’ assembling needs internally and in a cost-effective way. Our PCB assembly capacity includes but is not limited to what is highlighted in the table below.

For your information, we upgrade our assembly equipment regularly to be ahead of the curve in terms of quality. If your PCB assembly needs are beyond the highlighted capacities, kindly contact us for a customized offering with our PCB assembly services.

Layer counts
Standard IPC 3
Order quantity
No minimum quantity
PCB fabricating flexibility
We can fabricate 1-6 layer PCBs.
Component sourcing
In full turnkey PCB assembly, we source all components for you from a reputable supplier.In partial turnkey PCB assembly, you provide us with some components and we take care of the rest.In consigned PCB assembly, you supply us with all the components for assembling.
PCB Spec requirements
PCB whose width/length is less than 30mm ought to be panelized.Max board size: 500 by 450 mm.Board type: Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, Metal Core PCBs, etc.Surface finish: lead/lead-free HASL, ENIG, silver, OSP.
Assembly types
Surface mount technology (SMT), Though-hole, mixed technology (SMT & Through-hole), single or double-sided placement, conformal coating, and shield cover assembly for EMI emission control.
Solder type
Lead-free – RoHS compliant
Components types
SMT 01005 or larger, BGA 0.35mm pitch, POP (package on package), WLCSP 0.35mm pitch, hard metric connectors, and cable & wire.
We apply laser cut stabiles steel stencils to achieve high reliability for fine pitch and BGA components. Besides, we offer Nano coating for customers who need it.
Build time
1 – 5 days, 1 – 2 weeks, or scheduled deliveries.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Production facilities certification
ISO9001:2000 certified
IPC610 – D Test specification
Pass rate
Quality complaint rate
≤ 0.1%
Repair and rework
BGA repairing service acceptable

We also have the capacity to organize incoming raw materials, process control, and refined quality tests, ensuring the best PCB assembly services for both small and high volume production.

During the PCB assembly process, we will send you a DFM report in case of any inconsistency with your BOM. Generally, our PCB assembly capacities allow our clients to enjoy the convenience of a ‘One-Stop Solution’ for their manufacturing and assembly needs.

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We are ready to offer you the highest quality, quick turnaround, and full turnkey PCB assembly services. To get started with us, kindly request a free online quote on printed circuit board assembly services. We simply require our customers to provide necessary information about their projects. If you have any questions regarding our services and products, please email us at right away.

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In the ever-evolving electronic world, the demand for advanced PCBs is rising, and We are ready to satisfy this demand. We are among the leading PCB assembly services providers in China. We always strive to offer PCBA services that satisfy our customers’ exact requirements. Luckily, we have the right equipment and experience to provide such services for prototypes, small volume, and large volume requirements. 


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