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High-quality & quick-turn LED PCB manufacturing services at competitive market prices. We are experts in LED PCB design and manufacturing with a deep understanding of material heat dissipation performance.

LED Circuit Boards: Effective and Affordable PCB LED Lighting Solutions

The advancement of the printed circuit board technology has led to the development of several innovations. A good example of this is the innovation of LED PCBs.

LED PCB forms the heart of LED lighting. While there are various types of LED lights in the market, they all have LED PCB at their core.

MKTPCB manufactures PCBs for LED lighting, where a chipped LED is soldered to a board to produce light when electrically connected. We only use high heat dissipation material to ensure that the heat produced is conducted away efficiently. Often, we use thin layers of thermally conductive dielectric materials.

Why Choose MKTPCB as Your LED PCB Manufacturer

✔️ MKTPCB has more than ten years of industry experience in manufacturing and assembling quality printed circuit boards. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure we are up to speed with the latest developments and produce quality PCB products. This has made us one of the most reliable LED PCB manufacturers in the world.

✔️ From conceptualization to shipment, we offer full-turnkey services that guarantee you total peace of mind. As a full-service printed circuit board manufacturer, we are well-equipped to handle component sourcing, fabrication, and assembly services all under one roof. We use thermal Aluminum clad that conducts heat rapidly to keep the PCB components cool and efficient.

✔️ LED circuits require complex designs and are highly sensitive to temperatures. It is, therefore, vital that you partner with a service provider that is a LED PCB manufacturing specialist. We leverage a customer-oriented approach to ensure we offer customized products that fit your requirements.

✔️ Our engineering team ensures that customers do not have to reinvent the wheels and that they follow industry best practices. As a matter of factor, numerous clients from various sectors have testified about our products and services.

✔️ Our LED circuit boards undergo rigorous quality assessment tests to ensure you receive the best quality product. All this is done first turnaround times to ensure your go-to-market plan is not delayed. The fact that we are pretty flexible regarding order quantities also makes us preferred. Whether you need LED PCB fabrication, LED PCB manufacturing, LED PCB prototyping, or a full production run, you will receive the value of your money by choosing our products and services.

✔️ If you had already designed your LED PCB, kindly send us your Gerber files. Based on your specifications, we will prepare a free custom quote for you. Our LED PCB manufacturing services are priced cost-effectively.

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Our LED PCB Manufacturing Capacity

At MKTPCB, we have provided PCB solutions using many different materials for more than ten years. We provide LED PCB fabrication, component procurement, and assembly in one location.

We are flexible and can work with you to develop the best metalcore circuit board – customized for your specific needs. Our LED PCBs are all made with a thermal aluminum clad layer to dissipate heat, keep the PCB components cool, and improve your products’ performance.

We take pride in our 99% customer satisfaction rating and our reputation for being known as a PCB solutions provider. We offer quality PCBs to businesses, and we have a fast turnaround time. The table below shows our LED PCB manufacturing capacities.

Quality Offered
Standard IPC Class 2
Number of Layers
1-24 layers
Order Quantity
No MOQ requirement – even 1 piece is okay
High-power LED, Ceramic base LED PCB, FR4 LED PCB, Aluminum base LED PCB, Low-power LED PCB
PCB Board Max & Min Size
Min 6*6 mm, Max 610*610 mm
Board Thickness
0.8 mm – 5.0 mm
Copper Weight (Finished)
0.5 oz – 10.0 oz
Min Track / Spacing
4 mil / 4 mil
Solder Mask Color
Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Color
White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finishing
Immersion silcer, ENIG, Lead free HASL-Rohs, OSP
Min Annular Ring
4 mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter
6 mil
Other Techniques
Countersink holes, Screw holes
Build Time
2 days – 5 weeks
LED Applications
Traffic Lights Car headlights Street tunnel Lighting Indoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting Residential Lighting Horticulture Lighting Special Light Quality Lighting Healthcare Lighting Industrial Purpose Lighting

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High-quality LED PCB Manufacturing Services

MKTPCB remains committed to providing the best quality LED PCB manufacturing services – both prototypes LED PCB manufacturing, and high volume LED PCB manufacturing at competitive market prices.

This commitment has helped us emerge as the trusted and reliable provider of LED PCB fabrication services in China. We have an experienced team of experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees high-quality products in a quick turnaround.

aluminum pcb

No matter what your budget is, we have options available for you. For high-volume LED PCB orders, we offer discounts. We are always available via telephone, email, and chat to discuss any of your questions or concerns. We make high-quality LED PCBs and strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

Are you interested to know more about our LED PCB manufacturing services? Are you in need of prototypes or high-volume LED PCB manufacturing services at fast turnaround times? Kindly request a free online quote now. Our LED PCB manufacturing services run 24/7 to meet strict deadlines. Our customer support also provides quick responses to our customers.

What is LED PCB

Light-emitting diode, often referred to as LED, is an increasingly common lightning method in the digital era. LED is solid-based lighting that converts electric current into light with the help of a semiconductor. Generally, you only need to solder a LED to a circuit board to make a LED PCB. In addition, you must integrate a chip to produce light when electrically connected.

When you compare them with the traditional lighting systems, LED PCBs reduce energy consumption by about 80%. Additionally, they last almost 25 times longer than standard bulbs, are small in size and eco-friendly.

The printed circuit board technology plays a significant role in the functioning of LED lights. More importantly, they support the LEDs by transmitting heat away from the source, preventing damage to sensitive components.

Applications of LED PCBs

1. Consumer Lighting

The number one sector that heavily relies on LED PCBs is the lighting industry. Flashlights, lanterns, lamps, spotlights, and solar-powered lighting all depend on LED circuit boards.

2. Computer Electronics

LED displays and pointers are commonly used in computer electronics. Furthermore, Aluminum base materials are good companions because of their high thermal dissipation properties. Telecommunication equipment prefers LED indicators and displays due to their durability and capacity to efficiently conduct heat away from the source.

3. Transportation

LED PCBs have multiple applications in traffic and transportation gadgets. You can find them fitted in headlights, brake lights, indicators, and many more in automobiles. In traffic, LED circuit boards are commonly found in traffic and signal lighting, highway tunnel lighting, and street lighting. In the aviation sector, you will find them in indicators and interior lighting, air landing, and running lights.

The Advantages of LED Lights


Statistics show that LEDs consume almost 80% less energy than regular bulbs. Widespread application of LEDs could save 348 terawatt-hours of energy each year.


LED lights display a lifespan of about 25,000 hours – 25 times longer than the standard lights. Replacing bulbs less often implies you will save time and money.


Normal bulbs generate 90% of their energy as heat. However, LEDs produce less heat, meaning more energy is directed towards developing light. Furthermore, LEDs produce light in a specific direction, making it easier to direct it to your preferred location and ensuring all the light leaves the fixture.


LED lights are smaller than standard lights; hence, they fit nicely into small gadgets like smartphones. They can still be used in larger applications like traffic lights and spotlights.


LED lights do not contain mercury compounds like other lighting systems. This makes them safer, eco-friendly, and easier to dispose.


LED lights do not produce radiofrequency signals during operation. This implies they don’t interfere with other electronic components and devices.


LEDs use less energy than standard lights, minimizing emissions produced during the production of electricity. Besides, they are more durable; thus, create less waste.


The high efficiency and durability of LEDs imply minimal costs, as consumers use less energy and buy bulbs less often.

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