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High-Tg PCB Manufacturing

High-quality and quick-turn high-tg PCB manufacturing and assembly services. A one-stop-shop for all your high-TG PCB needs. 

High-Tg PCB

Quality and Reliable High-TG PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

MKTPCB’s high-TG PCBs can bear extreme glass transition-temperature rates and retain their performance. Besides, our rigorous quality inspection process ensures that our customers can use our products with confidence. Over the years, we have achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rate, and PCB users acknowledge our reliable and quality services.

Suppose you are uncertain whether your particular application requires FR-5 high-TG PCBs or TG PCBs to protect sensitive board components during use. In that case, we offer free consultation services to ensure your project is successful. We always advise our clients to learn more about how high-temperature circuits work, their benefits, and their applications. Once you are sure that your specific application requires high-TG PCBs, request a free online quote on high-TG PCBs from MKTPCB.

Why Choose MKTPCB's High-TG PCB Products

Why Choose MKTPCB's High-TG PCB Products

MKTPCB only uses the best quality materials to manufacture and assemble high-TG boards.

  • We have state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly equipment and an experienced team of professionals that handle high-TG customer requirements.
  • We have the capacity to handle high-TG printed circuit boards in any quantity – from prototyping to high-volume production.
  • We support quick-turn and time-to-market services even for customized high-TG circuits.
  • We provide free and almost instant technical support, including design suggestions.
  • We act as a one-stop-solution for all your high-TG requirements such as design, components sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, and shipment.

High-TG PCB Manufacturing and Tech Specs

High-TG Materials

High-TG printed circuit boards are primarily helpful when high accuracy and stringent quality requirements are necessary for the proper functioning of an electronic product. MKTPCB only sources materials from reputable and reliable suppliers, meaning you can count on our products’ performance in any condition. The table below contains the high-TG PCB materials we commonly use.

Material Brand Type TG (℃)
Nelco N4000-6 175
Isola 370HR, IS410 180, 180
ITEQ IT180I 180
ShengYi S1000-2 180
Nanya NP-180 180
TUC TU768 170
VENTEC VT-47 170

Technical Specifications

No matter the complexity of your high-TG PCB needs, we can meet your requirements! The table below contains our production capacities.

Feature Fabrication Process Data
Layer count 1-24
Final board thickness 0.4-3.2mm
Aspect ratio (AR) Laser via, PTH 3:4, 10:1
Copper thickness 0.5~3oz
Impedance control Single-ended, Differential ±10%, ±10%
Line / Space Inner Layer, External Layer 2.5/2.5mil, 2.5/2.5mil
Min drill bit size 8 mil
Hole size tolerance PTH, NPTH ±3mil, ±2mil
High position tolerance ±2mil
Profile tolerance Punching, Routing ±3mil, ±4mil
Surface finish HASL (LF HASL)
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Hard Gold Plating
Peelable Mask
Carbon ink
SMD 40-2000u", GND 30-800u"
Au 1-5u", Ni 80-200u"
Au 1-50u", Ni 80-200u"
Warpage 0.5%

Our High-TG PCB Manufacturing Technology

We use thick copper and substrate materials that are highly resistant to heat to fabricate high-TG PCBs. This makes high-TG circuit manufacturing and assembly challenging, but MKTPCB has modern equipment and a rich experience in fabricating such designs. Some of the standard techniques we use to manufacture high-TG products include:

Inner Layer Technology

We use high temperature, high speed, high frequency, thick copper, thin dielectrics, and other unique materials to produce high-layer count PCBs. It is challenging to regulate the signal transmission performance of PCBs with such features for internal layer production. As the trace width reduces, the design will experience open and short circuits during the production process. These circuits degrade the yield of the design.

Additionally, as the signal layers and fine traces increase the likelihood of AOI missing issues on the internal layers increases. The thickness of the inner layer dielectrics can become relatively thin and vulnerable to folding, causing an inadequate etching exposure. Most of the high-layer count boards are large, and the expenses associated with scrapping end-products are high.

Luckily, MKTPCB solves all those issues. We regularly conduct the technical makeover of high-end equipment and imported high-precision etching line tools to enhance the etching standardization. This eliminates problems like rough edges and unclean etching, improving the end product’s quality.

Lamination Technology

Multiple internal layer dielectrics contain overlaid semi-solidified sheets. Issues like slide plate, lamination, resin cavities, and bubble residues are quickly produced during the lamination process. The heat resistance, voltage resistance, amount of glue, and medium thickness of laminated structure designs should be considered, and high-quality software for controlling the lamination process should be applied.

When using multiple layers, it is difficult to regulate the expansion and contraction coefficients, which causes inconsistency. Additionally, thin dielectric materials can cause reliability test failures between two adjacent layers.

MKTPCB uses materials with various TG values during the lamination process, which can’t be met concurrently. For instance, standards PCBs can’t be laminated at the same time as special feature PCBs. To control this process well, we carefully monitor the expansion and contraction coefficients. Besides, we ensure that the performance of the various PCBs is under control.

Drilling Technology

MKTPCB uses special PCBs with high-TG, high-speed, high-frequency, and thick copper. This raises the difficulty of regulating drilling roughness, burrs, and de-fouling. When several layers are accumulated with the total copper thickness and PCB thickness, drilling becomes challenging.

However, it is easy to break a drill bit when making a hole in thick boards with vast amounts of copper. In this regard, MKTPCB applies appropriate insertion and rotation speeds for every drill location. In addition, we accurately measure the PCB expansion and contraction to obtain precise coefficients for the manufacturing and assembling processes.

We Offer Low-Cost High-TG PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

We Offer Low-Cost High-TG PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

MKTPCB remains committed to providing the best quality high-TG PCB manufacturing and assembly services – both prototype high-TG PCB manufacturing and full production high-TG PCB manufacturing at competitive prices. This commitment has helped us emerge as the trusted and reliable provider of high-TG PCB fabrication services in China. We have an experienced team of experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees high-quality products in a quick turnaround.

Are you interested to know more about our high-TG PCB manufacturing and assembly services? Are you in need of prototypes or high-volume high-TG PCB manufacturing and assembly services at fast turnaround times? Kindly request a free online quote now. Our high-TG PCB manufacturing and assembly services run 24/7 to meet strict deadlines. Our customer support also provides quick responses to our customers.

High-TG PCBs – Higher Temperature Resistance Boards

The Glass Transition Temperature (TG) is a primary epoxy property and is a temperature region where the polymer turns from hard, glassy material to a soft, rubbery material. PCBs must be flame-resistant – the ability to withstand the extreme heat at certain temperatures and soften instead of burning. This temperature point is known as the glass transition temperature (TG).

A higher TG value implies a higher temperature requirement during lamination. Here, the PCBs will be rigid and Crips, affecting the aperture and electrical properties. At extreme temperatures, standard PCB materials will be softened, deformed, melted, and lose their mechanical and electrical properties.

The standard FR4 TG is 130-140 centigrade, the average TG ranges from 150 to 160 centigrade, and high-TG is more than 170 centigrade. The higher the PCB TG value, the better the PCB heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, stability, and other aspects.

FR4 is a code name for the grade of Epoxy Glass material. When the working temperature reaches the melting point, it means the temperature exceeds the TG value. Therefore, the state of the material will turn from solid/glassy to liquid. This will hinder the PCB performance significantly. High-TG PCBs are commonly used in computers, telecommunication equipment, precise apparatus, and mining equipment.

Benefits of High-TG PCBs

  • They maintain high performance and heat resistance even at extreme temperatures.
  • They display enhanced thermal, humidity, and chemical resistance and improved stability across wide operating temperatures.
  • High-TG PCBs facilitate the formation of small holes, fine traces, and thin substrates.
  • They have high mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and layer-to-layer adhesion across temperature differences.

Applications of High-TG PCBs

Oil, Gas, and Energy Equipment

MKTPCB’s high-TG boards can minimize the operational and maintenance costs of equipment used in the oil, gas, and energy sector. We offer PCB assembly services for some applications in this sector, such as pressure control systems, motor controllers, offshore safety control systems, and oil and gas measurement systems.

Healthcare and Research

Almost all healthcare applications require reliable electronic products. MKTPCB offers quality custom PCB products that guarantee reliable performance even in unfavorable conditions. Some healthcare applications that require high-TG boards include hybrid assemblies for blood analyzers, blood electrolyte sensors, and surgical drill motors.

Aerospace Sector

We manufacture and assemble high-TG PCBs for various commercial aerospace solutions like the heads-up display, aircraft altimeters, power supplies, and digital engine controls.

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