Heavy Copper PCB

heavy copper pcb

Heavy Copper PCBs are commonly used for power supply systems or electronic devices. They are made with a finished copper weight that is greater than four ounces. Our standard copper PCBs weigh between one and two ounces, and the thickness of heavy copper is able to conduct higher currents and provide thermal distribution. In addition, your design can include complex switches in smaller spaces with this material.

Our Experience

At MKTPCB, we have over 10 years of experience manufacturing and assembling high-quality Heavy Copper PCBs as well as many other PCB products. Our highly qualified engineers run tests for manufacturing on every single circuit file to ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed prior to production.

In addition, we have an in-house quality control department that allows us to guarantee that our PCBs are the highest quality. We are proud to offer reliable and fast turnaround times on our PCB fabrication, and we work with top businesses to produce high-quality PCBs for all devices. We have the experience and the knowledge to fabricate top of the line Heavy Copper PCBs for devices with high currents, and we have a 99% rating for customer satisfaction.

Please contact MKTPCB for full details regarding material availability: email linda@mktpcb.com

Feature Capability
Quality Guarantee Standard IPC class 2
Number of Layers 2 - 24layers
Order Quantity No MOQ requirement
Material FR4-Standard Tg 140°C, FR4-High Tg 170°C
Board Thickness 0.6mm - 6mm
Finished Max Outer Layer Copper Thickness 15oz
Finished Max Inner Layer Copper Thickness 12oz
Min Track/Spacing For outer Layer: 4oz Cu 9mil/9mil, 5oz Cu 11mil/11mil, 6oz Cu 13mil/13mil, 12oz Cu 20mil/32mil

For Inner layers: 4oz Cu 8mil/12mil, 5oz Cu 10mil/14mil , 6oz Cu 12mil/16mil , 12oz Cu 20mil/32mil

Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finishing HASL Lead Free, Immersion Gold, OSP, Hard Gold, Immersion Siver, Enepig.
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 10mil
Other Techniques Gold fingers Blind/Buried Vias
Testing Fly Probe Testing, AOI testing, E-test testing.
Build Time 2days - 5weeks

When to Use Heavy Copper PCB Service

You need to use Heavy Copper PCB service when you require higher currents and better thermal distribution. Heavy Copper PCBs have better thermal management to allow for heat dissipation, and they keep your inner components cool for increased reliability and functionality. They allow for an increase in the current carrying capacity, which is necessary for certain applications, including weapons control systems, welding equipment manufacturing, HVAC systems, power supplies for radar systems, high power planar transformers, battery charger systems, and more.

Features of Heavy Copper PCB Service

Heavy Copper PCBs have a finished copper weight of four ounces or more. This added thickness makes it possible for them to conduct higher currents while dissipating heat and keeping the component cool during operation. In addition, the mechanical strength is greater at the connector sites, and we are able to incorporate many weights on the same layer of circuitry, which allows the end product size to be smaller. You can use specialized materials in your design with little risk of failure.

MKTPCB offers the following capabilities in the fabrication of Heavy Copper PCBs:

  • Standard IPC2 quality
  • Two to 24 Layers
  • Quantities of one to 10,000 pieces
  • Build times of two days to five weeks

In addition, our Heavy Copper PCBs are fabricated using varying board sizes, thicknesses, and weights to ensure that the PCB is ideal for use in your specific devices.

Contact Us

You can contact us to discuss your PCB design requirements. You can send us an email, fill out an online inquiry, or telephone us, and we will contact you within 24 hours. We have the ability to produce as many as 10,000 Heavy Copper PCBs in two days to five weeks. We understand the importance of Heavy Copper meeting strict standards for reliability and functionality, and we meet those standards time after time.

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