Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB

A Multilayer PCB is a PCB with more than two layers. While a double-sided PCB has two conductive layers of material, Multilayer PCBs have a minimum of three layers of conductive material that is in the center of the material. Two layers are on the surface sides of the PCB to connect to the environment. The outside layers are melted to join the layers together, and once they cool, the Multilayer PCB is very hard and solid. The Multilayer PCB has all the power of a double-sided PCB, but can be much smaller, which is suitable for newer technology.

Our Experience

At MKTPCB, we have over 10 years of experience fabricating and assembling PCBs of all types. We can make Multilayer PCBs of the highest quality because we have a team of engineers who ensure that each PCB is made according to our high standards. We understand the importance for our clients of having their PCBs turn out reliable and efficient, and our quality assurance team conducts inspections to ensure that this is the case.

We are able to offer our clients fast turnaround times on Multilayer PCBs, and we can fabricate Prototypes as well. We are able to source parts for components and devices from distributors we have known for years, and we provide all of our services in one location. We understand the importance of having your design ready for production as quickly as possible in today’s ever changing technological landscape, and we provide fast turnaround times in anywhere from two days to five weeks.

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Feature Capability
Quality Guarantee Standard IPC Class 2 or Class 3
Number of Layers 2 - 24 layers
Order Quantity No MOQ requirement - 1pcs is ok
Material FR-4 Standard TG135°C, FR4-High TG 170°C, FR4-High TG180°C
PCB Board Max and Min Size Min 6mm x 6mm | Max 500mm x 600mm
PCB Board Thickness 0.6mm - 6.5mm
Max Outer Layer Copper thickness (Finished) 10oz
Max Inner Layer Copper thickness 10oz
Min Track/Spacing For outer layers: 1oz cu: 4mil: 3oz: 6mil - 4oz Cu :9 mil/9mil -5oz Cu :11mil/11mil -6oz Cu :13mil/13mil

For Internal layers: 1oz cu: 4mil: 3oz: 6mil -4oz Cu :8mil/12mil -5oz Cu :10mil/14mil -6oz Cu :12mil/16mil
Solder Mask Color LPI-Green, Green matt, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finishing HAS, Lead Free HASL,RoHS ENIG - Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS
Min Annular Ring 5mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 10mil
Other Techniques Gold fingers Blind/Buried Vias
Build Time 48hours - 5weeks

When to Use Multilayer PCB Service

Multilayer PCBs have weight and space benefits that are valuable to the aerospace industry, but they are also a great solution for applications where cross-talk is important. For example, Multilayer PCBs are used in the following applications:

  • Computers
  • File servers
  • Signal transmission
  • Cell phone transmission
  • GPS technology
  • Test equipment
  • Satellite systems
  • X-ray equipment
  • Heart monitors
  • Central fire alarm systems
  • Fiber optic receptors

Benefits of Multilayer PCB Service

Multilayer PCBs offer many benefits. They are smaller and more lightweight than other PCB designs, but have the same functionality. This is especially important in the development of electronic devices where size is a factor. In addition, they are higher quality and more reliable than single- and double-sided PCBs because more thought and planning go into their design.

By nature, Multilayer PCBs are more durable because they are made to withstand the high temperatures and pressure that are used to create and bind them together. Many of them use flexible construction techniques, as well.

Multilayer PCBs are also capable of having more power because they have very dense assemblies, and they incorporate multiple layers into a single PCB.

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