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HDI PCB Manufacturing service

Your trusted PCB Partner | Quick turn HDI PCB fabrication and manufacturing services in China.

Quality HDI PCB Fabrication Services from MKTPCB

PCBs are not fabricated equally. High Density Interconnector PCBs, for example, require close attention, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture. With the wide range of PCB fabrication choices, it is challenging to find a reliable and low-cost PCB service provider who offers quality High Density Interconnector PCB fabrication services. 

MKTPCB is trusted by some of the world’s major brands with the most demanding PCB industry requirements. In our 10+ years of PCB manufacturing, we have developed a good reputation as a high-quality and low-cost PCB service provider, including High Density Interconnector PCBs. Besides, we are committed to expanding our capacities to meet our clients’ most demanding requirements. 

Quality HDI PCB Fabrication Services from MKTPCB

Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading HDI PCB service provider, we continue to invest in cutting-edge fabrication and testing equipment. At MKTPCB, we have a rich engineering background to handle complex PCB projects with unbelievable accuracy – quick turnaround times and on budget.

Our HDI Circuit Boards Fabrication Capacity (Up to 30 Layers)

MKTPCB’s state-of-the-art equipment gives our customers the ability to maximize the functionality and performance of their HDI Printed Circuit Board designs in less space via the application of microvias, blind vias, via-in-pad, stacked vias, and staggered vias. We attain high-precision with laser drill capacities such as precise depth control. 

Our Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) capacities guarantee exacting registration and proper inspection of all the inner layers. The table below contains MKTPCB’s common advanced High-Density Interconnector Circuit Boards fabrication capacities.

Quality Guarantee
Standard IPC Class 2
Number of Layers
4 – 30 layers
Order Quantity
No MOQ requirement
Tg 1400C standard FR4, Tg1500C FR4, High Tg 1700C FR4, FR4, and other custom materials.
Board Thickness
0.4mm – 6.0mm
Copper weight (Finished)
0.5oz – 10oz
Min Track / Spacing
2-8 mil
Solder Mask Color
Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Color
White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finishing
Immersion gold, OSP, ENIG, Immersion Silver
Min Annular Ring
4mil, 3mil – laser drill
Min Drilling Hole Diameter
6mil, 4mil – laser drill
Max blind/buried vias exponents
Staggered vias for three interconnected layers, and staggered vias for four interconnected layers.
Other Techniques
Flex-rigid combination Via In Pad Buried Capacitor (only for Prototype PCB total area ≤1m²). 1+N+1 : Blind vias -4 layers+ 2+N+2 : Blind/Buried staggered vias -6 layers+ 2+N+2: Blind/Buried stacked vias -6 layers+ 3+N+3 : Blind/Buried staggered vias -8 layers+ 3+N+3 :Blind/Buried stacked vias-8 layers+
Silkscreen sides
As per the customer requirements
Build Time
48 hours – 5 weeks


High-Density Interconnector PCB Structures We Support

We have the capacity to fabricate up to 30 layers of HDI PCB. Therefore, it all depends on your requirements. The table below shows the types of HDI structures we fabricate.

HDI Boards Structures
Microvia Categories
High-Volume Production
Small To Medium-Volume Production
Blind vias
Over 4 layers
Blind/buried staggered vias
Over 6 layers
Blind/buried stacked vias
Over 6 layers
Blind/buried stacked vias
Over 8 layers
Blind/buried stacked vias
Over 8 layers
We Offer Low-Cost HDI PCB Manufacturing Services

We Offer Low-Cost HDI PCB Manufacturing Services

MKTPCB remains committed to providing the best quality HDI PCB manufacturing services at low-cost prices. This commitment has helped us emerge as the trusted and reliable provider of PCB manufacturing and assembly services in China. We have an experienced team of experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees high-quality products in a quick turnaround.   

Are you interested to know more about our HDI Circuit Boards manufacturing services? Are you in need of full-turnkey or partial HDI Boards manufacturing services at fast turnaround times? Kindly request a free online quote now. Our PCB assembly and manufacturing services run 24/7 to meet strict deadlines. Our customer support also provides quick responses to our customers.

What is an HDI PCB

HDI is an abbreviation for High-Density Interconnector. It refers to a printed circuit board with a higher wiring density per unit area than a standard board. HDI PCBs are characterized by finer spaces and lines, minor vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad density.

These features help to improve the electrical performance and miniaturization in the weight and size of the board. A High-Density Interconnector PCB is best suited for the high-layer count and high-end laminated devices.  

Regarding the electrical requirements of super signal speeds, the board must have exceptional features, like high-frequency transmission capacity, impedance control, minimal redundancy radiation, and others. Additionally, the board should have an enhanced density due to component miniaturization. 

What is an HDI PCB

The components placement process should be done with extra precision than in standard boards because of the small pads and fine circuitry pitch. Again, lead-free chips require special soldering and additional assembly and repair steps. The small circuitry weight and size allow High-Density Interconnector Circuit Boards to fit into small spaces in various electronic devices. The smaller weight and size further translates to minimal chances of experiencing mechanical shocks.


The Benefits of Using High-Density Interconnector PCBs


Since HDI PCBs integrate blind via and via-in-pad technologies, it puts the board components together without minimizing the signal length. Besides, HDI technology abolishes via stubs. This inhibits signal reflections and improves signal quality.  


A typical 8-layer PCB can be modified to a 6-layer board without affecting its quality through HDI technology. This will save you a lot of resources. 


The classification of microvias, blind vias, and buried vias minimizes the need for more board space. 


The integration of stacked vias creates a solid shield, making High-Density Interconnector PCBs highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions. 


HDI technology is perfect for boards that seriously consider board space, weight, performance, and reliability as their main concerns.

The Difference Between Standard and HDI PCBs

Standards printed circuit boards use through-holes to achieve high stray capacitance and a colossal discontinuity in impedance. In a layman’s language, they boost an average signal integrity performance. On the other hand, HDI boards use buried and blind vias to reduce the stray inductance and capacitances. The outcome is a strong signal integrity performance.


Applications of High Density Interconnector (HDI) PCB

✔️  High-Density Interconnector PCBs are applicable in various industries. As mentioned earlier, you will find them in all sorts of electronic gadgets, where miniaturization plays an essential role in the effective use of the product. It is also common in automobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles that heavily depend on electronics.   

✔️  One of the major industries where HDI boards are making massive exploits is the healthcare field. Medical equipment often requires small packages with super transmission rates, which only HDI boards offer. 

✔️ For instance, an implant should be small enough to fit in a human body, but all the equipment used in an implant must have high signal transmission capacities. In this case, the High-Density Interconnector boards make a good use case. These PCBs are also applied in other medical tools such as emergency room monitors, CT scans, and others.

✔️  No matter the industry you work in, HDI PCB have the potential to enhance the electronics you deal with. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will advise you whether you are on the right track and help you exploit the benefits of HDI technology in your area of specialization.

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