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Consignment PCB Assembly

Partial and full consignment PCB assembly services at low-cost prices.

Consignment PCB Assembly

Customer Driven Consignment PCB Assembly Services


In full consignment PCB assembly, the customer provides all the materials and components needed for PCB assembly. We then fabricate and assemble the components according to the specifications. Consigned printed circuit board assembly services are useful if you produce proprietary or high-end products with unique components, which are hard to replicate. The service can also be a smart cost-saving strategy when you have a considerable buildup of components in your inventory. 

MKTPCB has a state-of-the-art facility and workforce to handle your materials and create customized PCB assembly products that meet your requirements. Our consignment PCB assembly services are designed to offer PCB clients flexibility and freedom in PCB prototyping and assembly processes.  

We work closely with our customers to shortlist the most suitable parts that meet the design and application requirements. The customer then procures the parts and sends them to us. We then use them to carry out PCB prototyping and assembly services. The approach enables our customers to understand better the PCB assembly process and the parts we use.

Partial Consignment PCB Assembly

Apart from complete consignment PCB assembly services, we also offer partial consignment PCB assembly services. A partial consignment printed circuit board assembly is a hybrid solution – a customer supplies some of the PCB assembly components, and we provide the remaining parts. 

Partial consignment PCB assembly is suitable when you can only produce or source some of the PCB components. Also, this option is perfect when you need components that guarantee the best quality. MKTPCB sources components from reputable vendors, and they must pass our rigorous quality inspection process before we use them.

Consignment PCB Assembly Capacities at MKTPCB


We offer complete PCB assembly services using various mounting techniques like our full turnkey circuit board assembly services. MKTPCB consignment assembly capacities include:

  • RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 compliant services 
  • SMT, PTH, and Mixed Technology mounting.
  • Leaded and lead-free PCB assembling services 
  • Single and double-sided Mixed Technology quick turn printed circuit board assembly.
  • We offer quick-turn PCB prototypes.
  • Single and double-sided assemblies based on customer requirements.
  • Modern PCB assembly facilities and experienced workforce.
  • On-time delivery and single-point-of-customer services. 

Our capacities have gifted us the freedom to use a wide range of materials, like FR4, fiberglass, Polyester, Polyamide, PTFE, and many others. We leverage automated machines in our PCB assembly processes, such as placement, soldering, stencil printing, and optical inspection. This allows us to assemble complicated yet miniaturized and precise PCBs.    

With MKTPCB’s consignment PCB assembly services, you are guaranteed PCB products of the highest quality at low-cost prices. Contact us today to place your order.

Why You Should Choose MKTPCB


There are numerous reasons why various PCB users prefer our services to those of our competitors. Below are some of the common benefits of using our consignment PCB assembly services:

  • Quick lead times. MKTPCB applies advanced automated equipment to perform consignment PCB assembly. Automation speeds up our production capacity, hence, minimizing lead times. 
  • Minimal errors. The application of automatic machines eliminates human involvement. This minimizes the probability of making errors and increases product accuracy significantly. Besides, automation brings consistency to our assembling processes. 
  • Low-cost PCB assembly services and products. Since the clients outsource consignment PCB assembly components, the production expenses are condensed. This makes consignment PCB assembly a low-cost solution. 
  • Rigorous quality inspection. After assembling the printed circuit boards, we carry out a thorough quality inspection process to ensure quality products. We leverage a 5-step quality inspection process comprising FAI, AOI, X-ray Inspection, FQA, and Function Test to detect and remove errors. 

At MKTPCB, we strongly believe in offering the highest quality consignment PCB assembly services to our global pool of clients. This has enabled us to become the leading consignment PCB assembly service provider in the world. The points discussed above are the primary reasons why most of our clients have stuck with us for more than ten years. 

If you are searching for a service provider who offers high-quality consignment PCB assembly services at low-cost prices, then search no more. MKTPCB has got you covered! Apart from our state-of-the-art equipment, we have experienced and skilled personnel who have unmatched PCB assembling knowledge. We use a customer-oriented approach that has enabled us to achieve 99% customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Consignment PCB Assembly

Benefits of Consignment PCB Assembly

Consignment PCB assembly offers multiple benefits to clients. Below are some of the main reasons why consignment PCB assembly services are in high demand:

Quality Control

As highlighted earlier, we require clients to source all the necessary components for PCB fabrication and assembly in full consignment PCB assembly service. For this reason, they can determine the quality of their PCB products and remain confident that the products will serve their needs satisfactorily. 

Besides, some PCB service providers offer the service of stocking consignments. This implies that clients can source PCB products and stock them at the service provider’s facility. Furthermore, the service provider sends prompt alerts about the inventory status. 

Quality Assurance 

Most PCB service providers adhere to quality procedures, which enable customers to receive quality PCB products. These manufacturers, MKTPCB included, use advanced quality inspection techniques, such as First Article Inspection (FAI), Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray Inspection, Final Quality Assurance (FQA), and Function Test, to ensure quality products and services.  

Automated Consignment PCB Assembly Saves Lead Times

PCB assembly service providers leverage automated assembling equipment, which enables clients to benefit from condensed lead times. Additionally, process automation minimizes errors, improves accuracy, and maintains consistency in PCB assembly. 

Consignment PCB Assembly Keeps Production Costs Low 

Consignment printed circuit board assembly services allow clients to outsource their labor and maintain their production expenditure low. MKTPCB offers multiple mounting techniques like Surface Mounted Technology (SMT), Plated-Through-Hole (PTH), Mixed Technology, and others.

Basic Steps of Consignment PCB Assembly

PCB assembly comprises several processes, such as solder paste printing, picking, component placement, soldering, and quality inspection. These processes are conducted in a clean and safe environment to maintain high quality. 

Here are the basic consignment PCB assembly steps we use at MKTPCB:

  1. Solder paste printing. We apply solder paste to the appropriate points of a PCB. Typically, we employ the SMT stencil to print the paste quickly and effectively. 
  2. Component picking and placement. The second step of consignment PCB assembly is placing components on the bare PCB. Usually, we use machines to pick and place parts. 
  3. Soldering. After component placement, we pass the board through a soldering machine to solder the components.   
  4. Quality inspection. After soldering, we pass the PCBs through a rigorous quality inspection procedure. The aim is to detect joint issues and wrong or misplaced parts. If the products pass all the tests, we declare them fit for use.

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