PCB Prototype

PCB Prototype

At MKTPCB, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce prototype printed circuit boards quickly. When you are creating a design, the PCB prototypes are essential to your project. They let you know how the design works and if changes need to be made. We understand how important it is, and we offer fast turnaround on all PCB prototype orders.

Quality You Can Count on

At MKTPCB, we provide fast prototyping services for your designs while sticking to our high-quality standards. Because we have extensive experience fabricating PCBs, we understand how important it is that your prototype be made quickly and accurately. You will tell us your specific requirements, and we can build your prototype within two to seven days.

Advanced Features of Our PCB Prototype

We understand how important it is for you to have the right PCB Prototype for your design, and we have a variety of options available. We offer the following features to ensure that your prototype is exactly what you need:

  • 1 to 32 layers
  • Quantities of five to 100 pieces
  • Build times between two and seven days
  • FR4 material (other materials available upon request)

We can provide a wide range of board sizes and thicknesses, and we offer green, white, blue, black, red, or yellow solder paste. When you tell us what you need, we will be sure to use the right material for your PCB prototype.

Please contact MKTPCB for full details regarding material availability: email linda@mktpcb.com

Feature Capability
Quality Guarantee Standard IPC class 2
Number of Layers 1 - 32 layers
Order Quantity No MOQ requirement
Material FR-4 Standard Tg 1350°C ,Tg140°C, CE-1,
PCB Board Max and Min Size Min 6*6mm | Max 550*550mm, 500*1200mm
PCB Board size tolerance ±0.1mm - ±0.2mm
Board Thickness 0.4mm - 3.2mm
Board Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm - ±10%
Copper Weight 1oz/2.0oz (35μm/70μm)
Inner Layer Copper Weight 0.5oz/1oz/2.0oz(17.5μm/ 35μm/70μm)
Min Track/Spacing 4mil/4mil for 1oz 5mil/5mil for 2oz)
Solder Mask Color LPI-Green, Green matt, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Color White, Black , Yellow.
Surface Finishing Lead Free HASL, HASL,Rohs ENIG -Rohs, OSP, RoHS Immersion Tin
Min Annular Ring 3mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 4mil laser hole
Min Width of Cutout (NPTH) 0.8mm
NPTH Hole Size Tolerance ±.002" (±0.05mm)
Min Width of Slot Hole (PTH) 0.6mm
PTH Hole Size Tolerance ±.003" (±0.08mm) - ±.006" (±0.15mm)
Surface/Hole Plating Thickness 20μm - 30μm
SM Tolerance (LPI) .003" (0.075mm)
Aspect Ratio 10:1 (board thickness: hole size)
Test Voltage 10V - 250V, flying probe or testing fixture
Build Time (standard 5-7 working days, expedited time :2layer:24hours 4layer: 48hours, 6layer:72hours)

Benefits of PCB Prototyping

The primary benefit of PCB prototyping is that you can test out your design before you place a large order. You will have the opportunity to make small changes at very little cost. In addition, you have the following benefits:

  • Make corrections to your design before production
  • Find mistakes early in the manufacturing process
  • Order between five and 100 boards to test your product

Once you are confident that your design is ready for production, we will take your PCB prototype and fabricate your Standard PCBs for your products. Testing your design with a PCB prototype will ensure that your products are high quality and your customers will be satisfied.

Why Order From MKTPCB?

We know how important it is to have rapid turnaround when you order PCB prototypes, and we deliver every time. You will receive your prototype in two to seven days, and once you test your design, we are ready to make your Standard PCBs for your products. We have extensive experience, and we hold ourselves to high standards of quality and commitment.  When you call MKTPCB, you can count on us to deliver.

How to Order

If you are ready to order, you can contact us by email or telephone, or you can submit an online inquiry. Our sales engineer will contact you to present the quote. We offer high quality PCB Prototypes with a fast turnround, and your satisfaction is our priority. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We will respond to you quickly.

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