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Quick-turn and low-cost PCB and PCBA prototyping services: We are specialists in PCB manufacturing prototypes, PCB fabrication prototypes, and PCB assembly prototypes.

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PCB Prototyping Services We Offer

PCB Prototyping Services We Offer

MKTPCB offers four primary PCB prototyping services:

1. Visual Model Prototyping 

Basically, this is a brain dump of everything your engineering department longs to see from your project. Visual models are digital representations of your end-products. Though these models are dysfunctional, you can use them to illustrate, review, and revise your PCB design.  

A visual design resembles a drawing or a digital representation of a real, physical prototype. Either way, visual models help to clarify design concerns, validate production feasibility, and assure that the designers have a common understanding of the project.

2. Proof of Concept Prototyping

This PCB prototyping service makes it a bit more possible that your design concept is practically working. Its primary purpose is to show that the PCB design is mechanically, motionally, and architecturally functional.   

If carried out properly, proof of concept prototyping detects all non-functional design specifications. Besides, this step is essential in confirming IP claims in future patent applications.

3. Working Prototypes

A working prototype ensures that the actual product comes closer to reality. In other words, this prototype is a real working product with all the features of the end-product. Though you might still make some modifications before manufacturing, a working prototype still resembles your final version.  

However, a successful working prototype does not 100% certify your end-product will do well in the market. Instead, it is an endorsement that the PCB service provider did what you requested them to do.

4. Functional Prototypes 

This prototype has all the capacities and features of the intended PCB product. Approval of this step is a clear indication that you can now confidently proceed to the final manufacturing process. The test confirms the PCB’s design, assembly, software, and production capacity in the actual field. You can also use the functional prototype stage for marketing your concept to potential customers.

Why Choose MKTPCB PCB Prototyping Services

Why Choose MKTPCB PCB Prototyping Services

We are not the sort of service provider that always brags about their brilliance. Instead, we let our products and services speak for us. Most of our biggest and longest-standing clients initially sort our PCB prototyping services. As a result of our experience and excellent service delivery, they decided to stick with us throughout their production activities and still prefer us to assemble their PCBs in mass production runs. 

We strongly believe that our attention to detail and commitment to quality and precision gives our customers a stronger competitive edge in the global electronic market. In addition to providing quality products and services, we support quick-turn PCB prototyping services and low-cost prices. 

MKTPCB remains committed to offering quality PCB products and services. We have put in place a rigorous 5-step quality inspection process to ensure customer satisfaction. Our inspection process comprises First Article Inspection (FAI), Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), X-ray Inspection, Final Quality Assurance (FQA), and Function Test techniques.  

We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS16949, and UL certified. Moreover, our in-house engineers ensure that ongoing compliance to the latest RoHS standards is observed, offering the best confidence level in our production processes throughout the year.

Contact Us to Discuss Your PCB Prototyping Requirements

Contact Us to Discuss Your PCB Prototyping Requirements

MKTPCB is committed to providing the highest quality and low-cost PCB manufacturing prototypes, PCB fabrication prototypes, and PCB assembly prototypes. This commitment has helped us emerge as the trusted and reliable provider of PCB prototyping services in China. We have an experienced team of experts and a state-of-the-art infrastructure that guarantees high-quality prototyping services in a quick turnaround.   

Are you interested to know more about our PCB prototyping services? Are you in need of large volumes of prototypes at fast turnaround times? Kindly request a free online quote now. Our high-volume PCB prototyping services run 24/7 to meet short deadlines. Our customer support also provides quick responses to our clients.

Why You Need a PCB Prototype

Why You Need a PCB Prototype

Some people think that ordering PCB prototypes is a waste of their time and opt to order their PCBs after creating designs directly. However, there are many benefits of seeking professional PCB prototyping services. Here are some of the main reasons why you need a PCB prototype.

Error Detection

The primary reason for seeking PCB prototyping services is to detect defects. No matter your level of expertise, you are likely to make errors. Therefore, you cannot claim that your design will function accordingly without testing it. Although you can run your bare board and parts on software, there is still a big difference between a simulation and an actual printed circuit board.  

Therefore, you should not rely on simulation alone to detect errors. To identify all the defects, you must test everything physically via PCB prototyping. 

PCB prototyping services will help you quickly identify and rectify defects before proceeding to the next production step. If you are introducing a new product, PCB prototyping is the easiest and cost-effective way of detecting and fixing errors. 

Time and Money Saving 

Mass PCB assembly calls for adequate time and money. If a mass production run has some defects, you will experience huge losses in the committed resources. Each project has a time frame and budget; hence, you should conduct yourself well by investing the correct amount at the right time. For your information, a PCB prototype takes 24-72 hours to be fabricated and shipped. 

Design Improvement 

PCB prototyping services ensure that you can make some changes to your PCB design. Sometimes, you may want to introduce some changes to your design to obtain better outcomes. A printed circuit board prototype will allow you to introduce some useful changes as often as possible. Besides, the process is cost-effective and readily available in quick turnaround times.   

Error-free End Products

After successfully conducting PCB prototyping, there are minimal chances of having faults in your design. If you are handling many boards, you can order their prototypes and analyze whether they have met all your requirements before embarking on mass production. Your end product will be free from faults as you have physically verified all the aspects. Thus, PCB prototyping services act as a foundation for producing defect-free products. 

Assurance for Mass Production

Honestly speaking, you cannot create or order mass production of PCBs without analyzing their prototypes. This is a severe risk as you can easily make huge losses. However, if you have tested the prototypes, you have the confidence to embark on mass PCB production.

Important Things to Remember When Ordering a PCB Prototype

There are some essential points you need to remember when ordering a PCB prototype. They include the type of printed circuit board material, layers, dimensions, thickness, holes, solder mask, surface finish, copper thickness, silkscreen, and spacing. 

At MKTPCB, we provide fast PCB prototyping services for your designs while sticking to our high-quality standards. Because of our rich background in the PCB industry, we understand how important it is for your prototype to be made quickly and accurately. You just need to send us your specific PCB prototyping requirements, and we will professionally handle the rest.

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