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Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

One-stop and quick-turn full turnkey PCB assembly services at low-cost.

What is a Full Turnkey PCB Assembly?

In PCB assembly services , turnkey implies that the manufacturer takes care of all the PCB services, like components sourcing, manufacturing, picking, and placing parts to a bare board.

Basically, full turnkey PCB assembly gives you more freedom to concentrate on your PCB design as we handle the rest. This is why full turnkey PCB assembly is a common form of one-stop electronic assembly.  

Most entrepreneurs and PCB hobbyists find the old methods of assembling PCBs intimidating as they are slow, expensive, and prone to malfunctions. 

Sourcing Components


MKTPCB Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

In full turnkey PCB assembly, a customer doesn’t have to worry whether all the parts will work together or that the components will not function as planned. We will ensure that your PCBs function according to your design. 

Below are some of the full turnkey PCB assembly services we offer.

Sourcing Components

Sourcing Components

We save you time and money by procuring your PCBs from your preferred manufacturer. If you have an urgent project and you just need low-volume quick PCB prototypes, we got you covered. We encourage our customers to consider our in-house PCB products to minimize the procurement process. 

We also procure all PCB components from reputable suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, and Arrow to avoid counterfeit components. When there is a need to substitute a particular component, we seek your consent before replacing it. 

Fabricating the SMT Stencils

In your full turnkey PCB assembly quote, kindly indicate whether you will provide SMT stencils. Our state-of-the-art PCB assembling facilities accept multiple types of framed stencils. 

MKTPCB stencils are fabricated in-house using a modern laser technique. We have more than ten years of experience designing and fabricating stencils; hence, you can trust us for quality and timely products. If in any chance, our stencils fail to play their role well (something we rarely experience), we will offer a replacement at zero charges.

The Importance of SMT Stencils


Why You Need to Partner with MKTPCB for Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

We leverage a single-source approach to handle complex requirements and turn them around in a short period while maintaining the highest quality standards. Being the primary form of electronic assembly, our complete turnkey PCB assembly capacities will bring more value to you as follows: 

PCBs We Manufacture and Assemble


Most traditional manufacturing methods are not time intensive. Typically, designers had to wait for several days to weeks to know the cost estimates of their orders. However, the introduction of turnkey PCB assembly services changed the rules of the game. Now, customers can know the cost of their orders as soon as they upload BOM files into MKTPCB online portal. 


The creation of your first prototype is typically a slow and expensive process. Factors such as out-of-stock PCB parts and materials hinder quick lead time. Besides, managing several suppliers from different parts of the world complicates the process further. With turnkey PCB assembly services, you can now access prototyping services quickly and at low-cost prices. It has never been easy to prototype your PCB products and hit the market quickly like now!


We have an online portal that streamlines customer care services, ordering, and tracking to achieve quick-turn and low-cost full turnkey PCB assembly services. Additionally, you can also log in and check your PCB project’s real-time status, and as it nears completion, you will get email notifications and call alerts. 


Full turnkey PCB assembly takes care of the entire assembling process; hence, you do not have to worry about managing different suppliers. The process eliminates miscommunication, delays, frustrations, and disappointment from the PCB assembly process. 


MKTPCB has state-of-the-art facilities, which are flexible enough to handle even small orders by combining them into big runs. We are excited to assemble your materials and components in a low-cost way. This gives our customers the flexibility to continue using our services even as their businesses grow. 


Our full turnkey PCB assembly services also include components sourcing and shipping services. Without stepping your feet in MKTPCB PCB manufacturing service facilities, you can still source components, complete complex orders, and review your inventory from the comfort of your home. Our procurement department will take care of your ERP needs.

PCBs We Manufacture and Assemble


Take Your Production to the Next Level with Our Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

With full turnkey PCB assembly services, MKTPCB offers everything you require to get your electronic products to the market. We take care of the entire process, including components sourcing, circuit board manufacturing, assembly, fabrication, quality inspection, and shipping services. We can assemble BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN, and other leadless packaging materials.  

Our full turnkey PCB assembly services will enable you to mitigate risks, maintain a minimal overhead, and progress quickly to meet your market demands. We support prototype quantities of all volumes. With our in-house materials and components, we guarantee quality and quick-turn full turnkey PCB assembly services.    

Anybody with a PCB design can easily and cost-effectively actualize their concepts using full turnkey PCB assembly services. The method reduces the quantity and costs limitations common in traditional PCB assembling processes. For startups and SMEs that plan to bring their electronic products to the market with minimal risk and inventory expenses, full turnkey PCB assembly is the perfect assembling method to use. 

Full turnkey PCB assembly services are also ideal for kick-starter companies who are not sure of their PCB needs. The assembling flexibility and quick-turn services can also benefit producers and hobbyists greatly.


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